Crime and Justice, Volume 35

Crime and Justice in the Netherlands

Edited by Michael Tonry and Catrien Bijleveld

Crime and Justice, Volume 35
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Edited by Michael Tonry and Catrien Bijleveld

400 pages | 6 x 9 1/4 | © 2007
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Since 1979, the Crime and Justice series has presented international crime-related research to enrich the work of sociologists, psychologists, criminal lawyers, justice scholars, and political scientists. The eleven essays in Volume 35 provide the first English-language survey of the Dutch criminal justice system, which has been the basis for many important international research initiatives, including many in the United States. Topics covered include Dutch tolerance of drugs, prostitution, and euthanasia; organized crime in the Netherlands; sex offenders and sex offending; and juvenile delinquency.


Crime, Justice, and Criminology in the Netherlands
Michael Tonry and Catrien Bijleveld

The Road to Dystopia? Changes in the Penal Climate of the Netherlands
David Downes and René van Swaaningen

Dutch Tolerance: On Drugs, Prostitution, and Euthanasia
Ybo Buruma

The Dutch Criminological Enterprise
Josine Junger-Tas and Marianne Junger

Organized Crime, Transit Crime, and Racketeering in the Netherlands
Edward R. Kleemans

Organizational Crime in the Netherlands
Henk van de Bunt and Wim Huisman

Juvenile Offending in the Netherlands
Frank M. Weerman

Sex Offenders and Sex Offending in the Netherlands
Catrien Bijleveld

The Fragmentation of Migration and Crime in the Netherlands
Godfried Engbersen, Joanne van der Leun, and Jan de Boom

Dutch Geographical and Environmental Research on Urbanization and Urban Crime
Gerben J. N. Bruinsma

Serious and Violent Juvenile Delinquency: An Update
Rolf Loeber and Wim Slot
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