Paper $39.95 ISBN: 9781447301035 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781447301042 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only

Changing Adolescence

Social Trends and Mental Health

Edited by Ann Hagell

Changing Adolescence

Edited by Ann Hagell

Distributed for Bristol University Press

Foreword by Professor Sir Michael Rutter
256 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2012
Paper $39.95 ISBN: 9781447301035 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781447301042 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only

Are today’s young people more stressed, anxious, distressed, or antisocial than they used to be? What does research tell us about the adolescent experience today and how it has changed over time? And how do trends in adolescent well-being since the 1970s relate to other changes in education, leisure, communities, and family life? Delving into topics such as stress, parenting, school experience, drug and alcohol use, neighborhoods, peers, and consumerism, Changing Adolescence explores how society-wide changes may affect young people’s behavior, mental health, and transitions toward adulthood.

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Foreword by Professor Sir Michael Rutter

1. Introduction
      Ann Hagell
2. Time trends in young people’s emotional and behavioural problems, 1975–2005
      Stephan Collishaw
3. Stress and mental health in adolescence: interrelationship and time trends
      Ann Hagell, Sija Sandberg and Robert MacDonald
4. Trends in adolescent time use in the United Kingdom
      Ann Hagell, Stephen C. Peck, Nicole Zarrett, J. Ignacio Giménez-Nadal and Jennifer Symonds
5. Trends in parenting: can they help explain time trends in problem behaviour?
      Frances Gardner, Stephan Collishaw, Barbara Maughan, Jacqueline Scott, Karen Schepman and Ann Hagell
6. Educational changes and possible links with adolescent well-being: 1970s to 2000s
      Ann Hagell, John Gray, Maurice Galton and Colleen McLaughlin
7. Trends in adolescent substance use and their implications for understanding trends in mental health
      Ann Hagell, Judith Aldridge, Petr Meier, Tim Millar, Jennifer Symonds and Michael Donmall
8. Some thoughts on the broader context: neighbourhoods and peers
      Ann Hagell, Sarah Curtis, Shari Daya, Yasmin Khatib, Rachel Pain, Catherine Rothon, Stephen Stansfeld and Sara Fuller
9. Reflections and implications
      Ann Hagell and Sharon Witherspoon

Appendix I: The Nuffield Foundation’s Changing Adolescence Programme
Appendix II: Reference list for primary data sources for graph data in Chapter 7
Review Quotes
Sir David Watson, Green Templeton College Oxford
“Ann Hagell and her co-authors have performed an immensely valuable service in clearly delineating what we currently know, don’t know and ought to know about adolescent life courses. We see here young people growing up both faster and more slowly, as well as creating and responding to a rapidly changing social, economic and cultural context. The book not only shows what a rich and nuanced world this is, but also how it can be subject to unhelpful and ill-informed stereotyping. The authors succeed in getting us beyond a familiar deficit model but to a place where we can be cautiously optimistic about the second decade of life.”
Terrie E. Moffitt, Kings College London and Duke University
“Full of important new information about today’s young people, and their parents, Changing Adolescence documents how the lives of adolescents have undergone enormous changes in recent history which are accelerating. This book provides a badly needed clear and exciting social science agenda to uncover the consequences of these remarkable changes.”
Daniel M. Nasiatka, Indiana University, Bloomington | Journal of Youth and Adolescence
“The authors use incredible depth and breadth of research in attempting to explain some of the underlying issues that could explain the problems facing British adolescents.”
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