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Creative Industries

Colourful Fabric in Multiple Dimensions

In recent decades, a new academic field has emerged in the United States and across Europe that links two previously unrelated disciplines: art and economics. Editors Giep Hagoort and Rene Kooyman have collected in this volume several articles from their colleagues in the Faculty of Art and Economics at the Utrecht School of the Arts that set out the parameters of the field and explain their current research and the impact that these innovations will have on the future of this relatively young area of inquiry. Creative Industries will be essential reading for anyone interested in joining academic dialogues concerned with creative and cultural entrepreneurship, cultural management, creative industries, and creative processes.

224 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2009

Economics and Business: Economics--International and Comparative

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Table of Contents

Reading Guide

Part 1: Introduction
1 Celebrating the End of Art Management?
      Giep Hagoort
2 Social Innovation through Employing Design Actualization: How to Use Design Entrepreneurship as the Innovator in Social Contexts
      Aukje Thomassen
3 Creativity in Collaboration: Implications of the Systems Model of Creativity for its Management
      Jacob Oostwoud Wijdenes
Part 2: Cultural Entrepreneurship
4 Designing Entrepreneurship
      David Crombie and Roger Lenoir
5 Talking Turkey: Strategy Formulation in Small Creative Organizations
      Johan Kolsteeg
6 ’Socio-cultural’ Entrepreneurship? Exploring Entrepreneurial Organizations in Central and Eastern Europe
      Philipp Dietachmair
7 Combining Urban and Regional Cultural Entrepreneurship: The Urban/Rural Continuum
      Giep Hagoort
8 Entrepreneurs and Creative Industries: Understanding the Human Factor
      Gerardo Neugovsen
Part 3: Cultural Entrepreneurship in Context
 9 Creative Entrepreneurs in the Creative City: Discussing the Creative Zone
      Isjah Koppejan
10 Creative Regions: A Recipe for Success
      Marijn Brummelhuis-Van Thiel
11 Connect the Professor
      Erik Vitenbogaard
12 It Takes All Talents to Make Art
      Nelly van der Geest
13 Fair Cultural Markets: Without Copyright, Without Conglomerates: A Challenge for Europe
      Joost Smiers
14 ROC; Return on Creativity: In Search of a Formula: Creative Finance as a New Knowledge Domain
      Giep Hagoort and Gabriëlle Kuiper
Part 4: Faculty Issues
15 Policy Changes at the Art and Economics Faculty: Ten Bold Strategic Choices
      Derk Blijleven
16 Guiding Students to Act and Reflect as Cultural Entrepreneurs: A New Impulse for the Art and Economy Study Career Planning Program
      Paul van Amerom and Corrie Nagtegaal
17 Project Based Learning: The Temperature of Our Bathwater
      Dorian Maarse
18 International Cooperation in Higher Education
      Marjolijn Brussaard
19 Creative Applied Research (CAR): Towards Teaching Tools for Art and Media Managers
      Janine Prins
Part 5: Reports
20 Going All-City: Graffiti as an Ineradicable Part of the Creative City
      Mart van Zeeland 
21 Managing Creative Teams in a New Environment
      Sanne Wiltink
22 My Creative Firm: Impression of a Paradigm
      Remy Harrewijn and Festina Lente
      Transcript by Mart van Zeeland
Part 6: The Next Step
23 Minimize Me! The Creative Industries; Setting the Research Agenda
      Rene Kooyman
24 Pictures: Creative Multiplicity
      Giep Hagoort

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