Beyond the Difference

Edited by Daniel Williams and Alyce von Rothkirch

Beyond the Difference

Edited by Daniel Williams and Alyce von Rothkirch

Distributed for University of Wales Press

286 pages | 8 1/2 x 5 1/2
Cloth $30.00 ISBN: 9780708318867 Published September 2004 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

Beyond the Difference is a celebration of the work of Wales’s leading literary critic M. Wynn Thomas, with contributions from internationally acclaimed writers and poets, as well as significant critics working in the field.

Looking initially at the relationships between the English and Welsh language literatures of Wales, the volume proceeds to explore the interactions of nationhood and gender from the late nineteenth century to the present day, the politics of translation in Wales as compared to Ireland and America, and the intriguing connections between Welsh literature and American, African American, Irish and Jewish literary traditions.

Introduction: Alyce von Rothkirch and Daniel Williams
PartI: Cymru and Wales
1. Emyr Humphreys, ’Manawydan’; 
2. Hywel Teifi Edwards, ’Y Pentre Gwyn’ and ’Manteg’: from blessed plot to hotspot;
3. Tony Brown, ‘Stories from foreign countries’: The Short Stories of Kate Roberts and Margiad Evans;
4. Jasmine Donahaye, ‘Gartref - Bron’: Adversity and Refuge in the Jewish Literature of Wales.
Part II: Engendering Wales
5. Gillian Clarke, ’The Accompanist’; 
6. Kirsti Bohata, En-gendering a New Wales: Female Allegories, Home Rule and Imperialism 1890 - 1910;
7. Alyce von Rothkirch, ‘There’s a change come over the valley’: the crisis of Masculinism in Early Twentieth-century Welsh Drama in English;
8. Jane Aaron, Valleys’ Women Writing.
Part III. American Perspectives
9. Menna Elfyn, ’Perlïo Geiriau’, translated by Joseph P. Clancy;
10. Helen Vendler, Under Milk Wood: Lists, Made and Undone;
11. Barbara Prys-Williams, Web of Connections: Denise Levertov’s Construction of Origins;
12. Daniel Williams, ‘For Old Tom read Uncle Tom’: Emlyn Williams and Ralph Ellison
Part IV. Translations 
13. Tony Conran, ’Civilization in Waiting’;
14. Dafydd Johnston, Early Translations of Dafydd ap Gwilym;
15. Melinda Gray, ‘Uncle Tom’s Welsh Dress’: Ethnicity , Authority and Translation;
16. Michael Cronin, Global Questions and Local Visions: A Microcosmopolitan Perspective.
Part V. Welsh Correspondences
17. Grahame Davies, ’Cyfannu’;
18. Jeremy Hooker, Poetic Lands and Borderlands: Henry Vaughan to Robert Frost;
19. James A. Davies, ‘In a different place,/ changed’: Dannie Abse, Dylan Thomas, T.S.Eliot and Wales;
20. Katie Gramich, ‘Extravagant and Wheeling stranger[s]’: Dylan Thomas, Derek Walcott and the House of English Literature.
Part VI. Epilogue
21. Seamus Heaney, ’Brothers’
Part VII. Bibliography
22. Rhian Reynolds, A Bibliography of M. Wynn Thomas
Review Quotes

“ . . . an unusually rich and festal Festschrift for the doyen of our critics.” –Planet

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