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Distributed for French National Museum Natural History

Acta Myriapodologica

© 1996

Table of Contents

Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
List of participants and contributors
Allocution d’ouverture
Jean-Marie Demange
Historical Myriapodology
Myriapodology before and after Martin Lister’s “Journey to Paris in the Year 1698”
Stephen P. Hopkin
Advances in Systematics and Biodiversity
An approach to the revision of the East Asian millipede genus Anaulaciulus
Zoltan Korsos
The taxa of Rhymogona (Diplopoda: Craspedosomatidai): a ring species. Part one: genetic analysis of the population structure
Adolf Scholl & Ariane Pedroli-Christen
Rhymogona (Diplopoda, Craspedosomatidae), un genre monospecifique. Deuxieme partie: revision basee sur les resultats morphologiques, genetiques et faunistiques
Ariane Pedroli-Christen & Adolf Scholl
Mastigophorophyllon (Verhoeff, 1897) et Karpatophyllon Jawlowsky, 1928, genres des Carpates (Chordeumatida, Diplopoda)
Traian Ceuca
Sur la remarquable conformation des apophyses genitales males chez un polydesmide neotropical
Ionel Tabacaru
Records of paradoxosomatid millipedes of India
Kubra Bano
Systemics and biogeography of Ctenophilus Cook, 1898. A genus of centipedes with disjunct distribution (Geophilomorpha, Schendylidae)
Luis A. Pereira
Review and perspective of study on myriapodology of China
Daqing Wang & Jean-Paul Maurie`s
A taxonomic study of polydesmoid millipedes (Diplopoda) based on their mandibular structures
Kiyoshi Ishii & Hiroshi Tamura
Systematique et biogeographie des diplopodes penicillates des iles Canaries et du Cap Vert
Monique Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin
Une approche des Diplopoda Penicillata de l’Amerique du Nord
Bruno Conde
About the taxonomy of Spanish Scolopendrellidae
Maria Teresa Dominguez Rodriguez
Some observations on the onychophoran fauna of Tasmania
Hilke Ruhberg & Robert Mesibov
Community Studies and Biogeography
Millipedes as aids for the reconstruction of glacial refugia (Myriapoda: Diplopoda)
Jo¨rg Spelda
On the distribution and faunogenesis of Himalayan millipedes (Diplopoda): Preliminary results
Sergei I. Golovatch & Jochen Martens
E´tudes syste´matique et e´cologique des myriapodes dans le Parc National de Chre´a (Atlas blide´en), Alge´rie
Ourida Abrous-Kherbouche
E´tude des communaute´s de myriapodes (Chilopoda et Diplopoda) des fore^ts pre´pyre´ne´eennes (Huesca, Espagne)
Antoni Serra, Maria Cristina Vicente & Eduardo Mateos
Study of centipedes communities of three habitats in the Province of Ciudad Real
Andre`s Garcia Ruiz & Francisco J. Santibañez
Synanthropisation of the Diplopoda fauna of Poland
Wojcieh B. Jedryczkowski
Chilopoda of urban greens in Warsaw
Jolanta Wytwer
Centipedes of Poznan town (Poland)
Malgorzata Lesniewska
Contribution a` la connaissance des lithobiomorphes (Chilopoda) de la re´gion palestinienne
Stefan Negrea & Zachiu Matic
Check-list, distribution and habitat in Bulgarian centripedes
Georgi Ribarov
Geographical distribution of diplopods in Great Britain and Ireland; possible causal factors
Antony D. Barber & Richard E. Jones
Millipedes recorded in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Richard Desmond Kime
Some patterns in the distribution and origin of the lithobiomorph centipede fauna of the Russian Plain (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha)
Nadezhda T. Zalesskaja & Sergei I. Golovatch
The French Millipede Survey: towards a comprehensive inventory and cartography of the Diplopoda in France
Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
Faunistique des mille-pattes de Suisse (Diplopoda)
Ariana Pedroli-Christen
Systematics and Evolution: Phylogenetic Relationships
On myriapod/insect interrelationships
Otto Kraus & Margarete Kraus
Morphology and evolution of circulatory organs in the Tracheata
Gu¨nther Pass
Some problems in the systematic of the order Scolopendromorpha (Chilopoda)
Arkady A. Schileyko
Plesiomorphic and apomorphic characters states in the class Chilopoda
Carol C. Prunescu
A preliminary study on  phylogeny and biogeography of the family Paracortinidae (Myriapoda: Callipodida): a cladistic analysis
Daqing Wang
The penis as a phylogenetic character in the millipede family Julidae
Henrik Enghoff
Reproductive and Developmental Trends in Diplopoda and Chilopoda
Functional morphology and evolution in genitalia of Diplopoda—Helminthomorpha
Andreas Tadler
Sperm competition and the evolution of millipede genitalia
Mandy Barnett & Steven R. Telford
Preliminary data on the anatomy of the genital systems in Craterostigmus tasmanianus (Craterostigmomorpha) and Esastigmatobius longitaris (Henicopidae, Lithobiomorpha) (Chilopoda)
Carol C. Prunescu, Robert Mesibov & Keizaburo Shinohara
On some structural abnormalities in Dignathodon microcephalum (Lucas, 1846) and their possible significance
Francisco J. Santibañez & Andre`s Garcia Ruiz
Developmental trends in the post-embryonic development of lithobiomorph centipeds
Alessandro Minelli, Enrico Negrisolo & Giuseppe Fusco
E´tude de la reproduction et du de´veloppement post-embryonnaire de Lithobius pilicornis Newport, 1844 (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha)
Antoni Serra & Maria Carme Miquel
De´veloppement post-embryonnaire et cycle biologique de Bothropolys elongates Newport dans l’Est Alge´rien
Tarek Daas, Noureddine Bouzerna & Michel Descamps
The segmentation of the head and anterior trunk of millipedes (Diplopoda)—A reassessment
Wolfgang Dohle
On periodomorphosis, iteroparity and life-cycles in males and females of Tachypodoiulus niger (Leach) (Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Julidae) in France, Germany and Great-Britain
François Sahli
Physiology, Ecophysiology, Cell Biology
cAMP influence on brain and germinal cells RNA syntehses in Lithobius forficatus (L.) an autoradiographic study
Michel Descamps, Catherine Jamault-Navarro & Marie-Chantal Fabre
Cadmium kinetics in Lithobius forficatus (L.) during experimental contamination and decontamination
Sylvie Ge´rard, Marie-Chantal Fabre & Michel Descamps
Cytochemistry of the tergite epicuticle of Glomeris marginata (Villers) (Myriapoda, Diplopoda): Preliminary experimental results
Philippe Compère, Stéphane Defise & Gerhard Goffinet
Coxal organs of chilopoda: the exocrine glands in Lithobius forficatus
Jörg Rosenberg & Hartmut Greven
The phenoloxidase from the hemolymph of Diplopoda
Willi E. R. Xylander
In vitro cellular immune reactions of hemocytes against bacteria and their differential degradation in myriapods
Lutz Nevermann & Willi E. R. Xylander
Evidence for antibacterial activity in haemolymph of Diplopoda: preliminary results
Grzegorz Kania, Jan Jarosz, Mariola Andrejko & Malgorzata Stefaniak
Supernumerary malpighian tubules in chilopods
Carol C. Prunescu & Paula Prunescu
The structure and possible function of the spiracles of some Scolopendridae (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha)
John G. E. Lewis, Trevor J. Hill & Gavin E. Wakley
Population metabolism of millipedes at two altitudinal zones in the Central Alps (Tirol, Austria)
Erwin Meyer, Peter Marsoner & Elisabeth Fischer
Variation de la teneur en eau en function de la taille corporelle dans une population du diplopode Polyzonium germanicum
Guy Vannier & Jean-François David
The respiratory response to changing temperature in millipedes belonging to the genus Glormeris Latreille, 1802
Vladimir Sustr
Submersion tolerance of some diplopod species
Klaus Peter Zulka
Eversible vesicles in Myriapoda
Frantisek Weyda
Population Biology, Soil Ecology and Behaviour
E´tude comparative des techniques d’e´chantillonnage des macroarthropodes saprophages (Isopoda and Diplopoda)
Etienne Branquart & Charles Gaspar
Experimental behavior of a tropical invertebrate: Epiperipatus biolleyi (Onychophora: Peripatidae)
Julia`n Monge-Najera, Zaidett Barrientos & Franklin Aguilar
Scolopendra morsitans Linnaeus, 1758: a characteristic prey of the African carpet viper Echis ocellatus Stemmler, 1970
Pascal Revault
The life cycle of Cylindroiulus latestriatus (Curtis, 1845)
Karin Voigtla¨nder
Life-cycle of the millipede Melogona voigti (Verhoeff, 1899) from a suburban forest in South Bohemia
Karel Tajovsky
Compared life-cycles and reproductive strategies in local populations of Rossiulus kessleri (Lohmander) (Julidae, Diplopoda) from isolated habitats\
Bella R. Striganova
Survival strategy of the terricolous millipede Cutervodesmus adisi Golovatch (Fuhrmannodesmidae, Polydesmida) in a blackwater inundation forest of Central Amazonia (Brazil) in response to the flood pulse
Joachim Adis, Sergei I. Golovatch & Susanne Hamann
Cycles d’activite´ compare´s de populations de diplopodes e´daphiques dans un e´cosyste`me forestier tempe´r
Jean-Jacques Geoffroy & Marie-Louise Ce´le´rier
Traces de l’activité de diplopodes des sols et des sediments karstiques du Maroc atlantique
Colette Jeanson, Hsaïn El Aissaoui & Jean-Pierre Adolphe
Feeding rates and nutrient assimilation in the millipede Jonespeltis splendidus (Diplopoda, Paradoxosomatidae)
Kubra Bano
Sexual selection in savanna millipedes: products, patterns and processes
Steven R. Telford & John Mark Dangerfield
Trophic preferences of three soil macroarthropods (preliminary study)
Jorge P. Cancela da Fonseca & Leïla Meziane
Ecology and behavior of Xanthodesmus physkon (Attems 1898), an aggregating paradoxosomatid from tropical West Africa
Dieter Mahsberg
Déplacements en masse dans le sud-est de la France chez Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Julidae) avec invasions d’habitations
François Sahli
Communities in Ecosystems
Distribution patterns and qualitative composition of the centipede fauna in forestall habitats of mainland Greece
Marzio Zapparoli
On abundance, phenology and natural history of Symphyla from a mixedwater inundation forest in Central Amazonia, Brazil
Joachim Adis, José Wellington De Morais & Ulf Scheller
The ecology of savanna millipedes in Southern Africa
John Mark Dangerfield & Steven R. Telford
The diplopod community of a Mediterranean oak forest in Southern France: ecological and evolutionary interest
Jean-François David
Centipedes (Chilopoda) of some forest communities in Slovenia
Ivan Kos
Changes in the millipede (Diplopoda) community during secondary succession from a wheat field to a beechwood on limestone
Stefan Scheu
Centipedes from Italian agroecosystems and their possible value as pest control agents
Marzio Zapparoli
Author Index
Systematic Index

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