Paper $45.95 ISBN: 9781447306436 Published December 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781447306443 Published July 2014 For sale in North and South America only

Analysing Social Policy Concepts and Language

Comparative and Transnational Perspectives

Edited by Daniel Béland and Klaus Petersen

Analysing Social Policy Concepts and Language

Edited by Daniel Béland and Klaus Petersen

Distributed for Bristol University Press

272 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2014
Paper $45.95 ISBN: 9781447306436 Published December 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781447306443 Published July 2014 For sale in North and South America only
Social policy scholars and practitioners have long employed concepts such as “welfare state” and “social security”—but where do these concepts come from and how has their meaning changed over time? What characterizes social policy language in different places, and how do some social concepts travel between them? Addressing such questions in a systematic manner, the contributors to this collection analyze the concepts and language used to describe contemporary social policy. Combining detailed chapters on particular countries with broader comparative chapters, the book offers a variety of perspectives on just what we mean when we use these terms.

Introduction: Social Policy Concepts and Language

   ~ Daniel Béland and Klaus Petersen
Social Policy Language in Denmark and Sweden

   ~ Nils Edling, Jørn Henrik Petersen &
Klaus Petersen
The Changing Language of Social Policy in Hungary and Poland

   ~ Zsófia Aczél, Dorota Szelewa & Dorottya Szikra
Languages of “Social Policy” at “the EU level”

   ~ Jean-Claude Barbier
The OECD’s Search for a New Social Policy Language: From Welfare State to Active Society

   ~ Rianne Mahon
The Discursive Power of International Organisations: Social Policy Language and Concepts in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

   ~ Antje Vetterlein
Original and Imitated or Elusive and Limited? Towards a Genealogy of the Welfare State Idea in Britain

   ~ Daniel Wincott
Social Policy Concepts and Language in France

   ~ Daniel Béland
The Language of Social Politics in Finland

   ~ Pauli Kettunen
Germany: Constructing the ‘Win-Win’ Society

   ~ Stephan Lessenich
Conceptual Development of Welfare and Social Policy in Japan

   ~ Toshimitsu Shinkawa and Yuki Tsuji
Transition to the ‘Universal’ Welfare State: The Changing Meaning of “Welfare State” in Korea

   ~ Huck-ju Kwon
The Dutch “Caring State”

   ~ Kees van Kersbergen and Jaap Woldendorp
Panacea, Problem or Perish: Social Policy Language in New Zealand

   ~ Neil Lunt
Evolving Social Policy Languages in Spain: What did Democracy and EU Membership Change?

   ~ Ana M. Guillén & David Luque
Social Policy Language in the United States

   ~ Jennifer Klein, Daniel Béland & Klaus Petersen
Conclusion: Comparative Perspectives on Social Policy Language

   ~ Klaus Petersen & Daniel Béland

Review Quotes
Jane Jenson, Université de Montreal | Journal of Social Policy
“This collection starts from the observation that both concepts deployed by social policy communities vary across space and time and that the same word rarely has a consensual definition across national cases.”
Cecilia Bruzelius, University of Oxford | Journal of European Social Policy
“Together, Béland and Petersen draw attention to the foundations of social policy and sketch the rudiments of a new research agenda for social policy scholars. The book is a rich and useful volume for anyone interested in comparative social policy and for those concerned with the role of ideas in the history and politics of social policy.”
Czech Sociological Review
“Béland and Petersen’s edited volume impresses not just by its vast spatial scope, but also by its analytical depth.”
Contributions to the History of Concepts
“A pioneering achievement. . .This edited volume stands out for its abundance of material results on the historical development and national differences in social policy language.”
Mitchell A. Orenstein, Northeastern University
“This collection provides a fine overview of a neglected area: the use of language in social policy, in which the authors ask what impact words and framing have on the substance of social policy.”
Christoph Conrad, University of Geneva, Switzerland
“A must-read for all those interested in the political power of ideas. Both transnational and historical, these explorations of the languages of social policy and welfare reform are as innovative as [they are] compelling.”
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