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Socrates’ Second Sailing

On Plato’s Republic

In this section-by-section commentary, Benardete argues that Plato’s Republic is a holistic analysis of the beautiful, the good, and the just. This book provides a fresh interpretation of the Republic and a new understanding of philosophy as practiced by Plato and Socrates.

"Cryptic allusions, startling paradoxes, new questions . . . all work to give brilliant new insights into the Platonic text."—Arlene W. Saxonhouse, Political Theory

248 pages | 14 figures | 6 x 9 | © 1989

Ancient Studies

Philosophy: History and Classic Works

Table of Contents

Part I - Book I
1. Socrates (327a1-328c4)
2. Cephalus (328c5-331d3)
3. Polemarchus (331d4-336a8)
4. Thrasymachus I (336a9-347a6)
5. Thrasymachus II (347a7-354c3)
Part II - Books II-IV: The Beautiful
6. Glaucon and Adimantus (357a1-368c3)
7. The Two Cities (368c4-373e8)
8. Philosopher-Dogs (373e9-376c6)
9. Education (376c7-378e3)
10. Theology (378e4-383c7)
11. Courage and Moderation (386a1-392c5)
12. Emulation and Imitation (392c6-398b9)
13. Music and Gymnastic (398c1-412b7)
14. The Noble Lie (412b8-417b9)
15. Happiness (419a1-422a3)
16. War and Revolution (422a4-427c5)
17. Justice (427c6-434c6)
18. Leontius (434c7-441c8)
19. Nature and Species (441c9-445e4)
Part III - Books V-VII: The Good
20. The Woman-Drama (449a1-452e3)
21. Equality (452e4-457b6)
22. Communism (457b7-466d5)
23. War (466d6-471c3)
24. Speech and Deed (471c4-474c4)
25. Knowledge and Opinion (474c5-484d10)
26. The Philosophic Nature (485a1-487a6)
27. The Philosopher-King (487a7-502c8)
28. The Good (502c9-506d1)
29. Sun, Line, Cave (506d2-516c3)
30. Ascent and Descent (516c4-521b11)
31. Mathematics and Dialectics (521c1-541b5)
Part IV - Books VIII-X: The Just
32. The Fall (543a1-550c3)
33. Oligarchy (550c4-555b2)
34. Democracy (555b3-562a3)
35. Tyranny (562a4-576b6)
36. The Three Comparisons (576b7-588a11)
37. Poetry (588b1-608b10)
38. Soul (608cl-612b6)
39. The Myth of Er (612b7-621d3)
General Index
Index of Republic Passages Discussed

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