Paper $28.00 ISBN: 9780226342443 Published May 1998
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Making the Second Ghetto

Race and Housing in Chicago 1940-1960

Arnold R. Hirsch

Making the Second Ghetto

Arnold R. Hirsch

382 pages | 20 halftones, 5 maps, 10 tables | 6 x 9 | © 1998
Paper $28.00 ISBN: 9780226342443 Published May 1998
E-book $10.00 to $27.99 About E-books ISBN: 9780226342467 Published April 2009
In Making the Second Ghetto, Arnold Hirsch argues that in the post-depression years Chicago was a "pioneer in developing concepts and devices" for housing segregation. Hirsch shows that the legal framework for the national urban renewal effort was forged in the heat generated by the racial struggles waged on Chicago’s South Side. His chronicle of the strategies used by ethnic, political, and business interests in reaction to the great migration of southern blacks in the 1940s describes how the violent reaction of an emergent "white" population combined with public policy to segregate the city.

"In this excellent, intricate, and meticulously researched study, Hirsch exposes the social engineering of the post-war ghetto."—Roma Barnes, Journal of American Studies

"According to Arnold Hirsch, Chicago’s postwar housing projects were a colossal exercise in moral deception. . . . [An] excellent study of public policy gone astray."—Ron Grossman, Chicago Tribune

"An informative and provocative account of critical aspects of the process in [Chicago]. . . . A good and useful book."—Zane Miller, Reviews in American History

"A valuable and important book."—Allan Spear, Journal of American History
List of tables and maps
Foreword to the 1998 Edition
1 The second ghetto and the dynamics of neighborhood
2 An era of hidden violence
3 Friends, neighbors, and rioters
4 The Loop versus the slums: downtown strikes back
5 A neighborhood on a hill: Hyde Park and the University of Chicago
6 Divided we stand: white unity and the color line at midcentury
7 Making the second ghetto
Epilogue: Chicago and the nation
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