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John McIlroy is Reader in Sociology, University of Manchester. The author of numerous articles on industrial relations and labour history, his books include Trade Unions in Britain Today and The Permanent Revolution?: Conservative Law and the Trade Unions. He was an editor of British Trade Unions and Industrial Politics, 1945–79 and Party People, Communist Lives: Explorations in Biography. He is a member of the editorial boards of Labour History Review, Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Historical Materialism and Revolutionary History.

Alan Campbell is Senior Lecturer in the School of History, University of Liverpool. His books include The Lanarkshire Miners: A Social History of their Trade Unions, 1775–1874 and the two-volume The Scottish Miners, 1874–1939. He co-edited Miners, Unions and Politics, 1910–47 and Party People, Communist Lives: Explorations in Biography. He is a former editor of Labour History Review and a longstanding member of the Executive Committee of the Society for the Study of Labour History.

Keith Gildart is Senior Lecturer in Modern British History at the University of Wolverhampton. A former miner, he is the author of North Wales Miners: A Fragile Unity, 1945-1996 and has recently been a Research Fellow at the University of York. He co-edits The Dictionary of Labour Biography.

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