Classroom Problems and Demonstrations

for The Life of a Leaf

Steven Vogel

Steven Vogel has created a problem set and classroom demonstrations for use with The Life of a Leaf. All the files are in PDF format. The classroom demonstrations are also available as a single PDF. The author welcomes the contribution of additional demonstrations; please e-mail him at


A set of problems for mystification, enlightenment, or—if using The Life of a Leaf for teaching—assignments or exams.


(Page numbers are to relevant pages in Life of a Leaf.)

No-slip Condition (Page 60)


Pressure Differences (Page 94)


Laplace’s Law (Page 120)


The Force of Surface Tension (Page 122)


Interface as Pressure Barrier (Page 125)


Surface Tension in Droplet Formation (Page 163)


Properties of a Composite (Page 198)


Compressing Water (Page 199)


How Resistance to Bending Scales (Page 204)


A Wind Tunnel (Page 226)


Supportive Systems (Page 228)