Christopher L. Rhodes, 1977-2015

We write with the heaviest of hearts to share news that our friend and colleague Chris Rhodes passed away today, September 8, after having been diagnosed with a glioblastoma this past March.

Chris Rhodes photo.jpgThe Press has been extremely fortunate to benefit from Chris’s intelligence, kindness, wit, and collaborative spirit for nearly nine years. Chris returned to his alma mater (AB ’98) initially in 2002, hired as an editorial assistant for the Press’s Reference Division, and was then promoted in 2004 to a Project Editor, a post he held until 2008. During these years, he contributed to multiple landmark Press publications, from The Encyclopedia of Chicago to the 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style to The History of Cartography series. After a five year tour and the crafting of a stellar publications list at the American Library Association, we were thrilled to lure Chris back to the Press and the U of C, in 2013, as Editor for Law and Linguistics. His warmth, humor, and creative determination were as much of a draw for prospective authors as they were enormously appreciated contributions to the chemistry and culture of the Press’s Books Division. Chris successfully re-launched a linguistics list, centered upon the creation of the Chicago Studies in Linguistics series, and worked enthusiastically and ably to publish The Grasping Hand, Drones, Restitution, and Untrodden Ground. His acquisitions will continue to educate and engage readers for decades to come, in the form of books which include The Future of Healthcare Reform in the United States, Judicial Reputation, Ordinary Meaning, and The Money Problem. While books are very tangible evidence of Chris’s tenure and many contributions to the Press, his collegiality is what inspired so many of us, and what we will miss in perpetuity.



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