Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition

The Chicago Manual of Style—the undisputed authority for style, usage, and grammar, now in its 17th edition! If you work with words—no matter what the delivery medium—this is the one reference you simply must have.

—New and expanded style guidelines in response to advancing technology and social change
—New and revised content reflecting the latest publishing practices and electronic workflows
—Updated and expanded citation recommendations
—Updated and expanded glossary of problematic words and phrases
—Updated and expanded bibliography

Over 1.5 million copies sold!

book cover Hardcover Edition
With the wisdom of more than 110 years of editorial practice and a wealth of industry expertise from both Chicago“s staff and an advisory board of publishing professionals, The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, is the go-to authority for editors and writers everywhere.

online logo Online Edition
Completely searchable and easy to use, The Chicago Manual of Style Online is available to individuals and small user groups, as well as academic, private, and public libraries through annual, IP-based subscriptions. Subscribers receive full access to the 17th and 16th editions of the Manual.

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