Suggestions from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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Kew’s Teas, Tonics and Tipples
Inspiring Botanical Drinks to Excite Your Tastebuds
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

So many of our memorable moments are punctuated by a drink: tea warms a long conversation, beer marks a big victory, and wine toasts a new beginning. These favored concoctions all began as plants, drawing their flavor, color, and fragrance from the botanical world. Kew’s Teas, Tonics and Tipples celebrates this long-standing love of plants, offering a drinkable history of how they became an integral part of our edible world.
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Is your day a jumble of distractions?
Does endless screen time sap your creativity? Do you wish for a little more Zen in your week?

Take a breather in a botanical world through two beautiful coloring books.


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Flowers of Love
A Kew Colouring Book
Illustrated by Sue Mason
Flowers of Love takes you through a lush garden of flowers such as sweethearts, forget-me-nots, and bleeding hearts. Sue Mason, a mathematician-turned-artist, has subtly woven in the theme of love throughout the book including a trail of hidden hearts.
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Spice Trail
A Kew Colouring Frieze
Illustrated by Sue Mason
Spice Trail is a globe-trotting journey through nine of the most important spices. Mason has created beautiful scenes that combine the plants with animals from their native countries, including sesame plants with elephants, cinnamon with tigers, and cardamom with peacocks.
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