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Necessary Evil cover

Necessary Evil
Settling Missouri with a Rope and a Gun
Joe Johnston

Necessary Evil is the first book to chronicle the implications of vigilantism in Missouri, ultimately showing that the state could never have been settled without a healthy dose of rebel justice. Packed with stories of popular gunslingers such as Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, and Jesse James, this action-filled read will be of interest to crime enthusiasts and historians alike.

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Utopia cover


Revisiting a German State in America
Edited by Traveling Summer Republic and City Archives of Giessen

In 1833, two university students from Giessen decided to emigrate to America. They wanted to create a German utopia in Missouri, and they recruited others to join them. They called themselves the Giessen Emigration Society. By July of 1934, each member had settled along the Missouri River, forming a vibrant German segment of the state whose cultural footprint can still be seen and felt today. In 
Utopia, the story of the Giessen Emigration Society is brought to life through more than two hundred historic photographs, documents, and contributions from both Americans and Germans.

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Max Starkloff cover


Max Starkloff and the Fight for Disability Rights
Charles E. Claggett Jr. with Richard H. Weiss

In 1959, at the age of twenty-one, Max Starkloff was in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. His doctors doubted he would live longer than a few days, and, if he survived, the hope for his quality of life would be minimal.
Max Starkloff and the Fight for Disability Rights takes readers on an extraordinary odyssey of hope and resilience—from Starkloff’s twelve years in a nursing home to his successful family life and career as a nationally prominent human rights leader.

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