Three New Editions

for Courses in Law & Politics
and Law & Society

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Invitation to Law and Society, Second Edition: An Introduction to the Study of Real Law
Kitty Calavita

“Calavita expertly summarizes many of the central themes of law and society scholarship as they have developed over the past fifty years.… She makes her case crisply, in 150 entertaining and conversational pages.”—Law and Social Inquiry
Paper $16

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Reason in Law: Ninth Edition
Lief H. Carter and Thomas F. Burke

Reason in Law is a superbly written, pedagogically rich, historically and conceptually informed introduction to legal reasoning.… Rigorous and complex in its discussion of concepts, … this may well be the very best introductory text.”—Law and Politics Book Review
Paper $35

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The American Supreme Court: Sixth Edition
Robert G. McCloskey and Sanford Levinson

“The classic account of the American Supreme Court by the mid-twentieth century’s most astute student of American constitutionalism updated by the early twenty-first century’s most astute student of American constitutionalism. This is the first work constitutional beginners should—and constitutional scholars do—turn to.”—Mark Graber, University of Maryland School of Law
Paper $25