New Editions from the

Chicago History of American Civilization

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The Birth of the Republic, 1763-89, Fourth Edition
Edmund S. Morgan
With a new Foreword by Joseph J. Ellis and an Essay by Rosemarie Zagarri

Morgan’s classic account of the beginnings of the American government is supplemented with a new foreword by Joseph J. Ellis and a historiographic essay by Rosemarie Zagarri.
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Reconstruction after the Civil War, Third Edition
John Hope Franklin
With a new Foreword by Eric Foner and an Essay by Michael W. Fitzgerald

Franklin’s arguments concerning the brevity of the North’s occupation, the limited power wielded by former slaves, the influence of moderate southerners, the flawed constitutions of the radical state governments, and the downfall of Reconstruction remain vital today.
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American Indians: Fourth Edition
William T. Hagan and Daniel M. Cobb
Revised by Daniel M. Cobb and with a New Foreword by Patricia Nelson Limerick

Spanning the arrival of white settlers in the Americas through the twentieth century, this concise account includes more than twenty new maps and illustrations, as well as a bibliographic essay that surveys the most recent research in Indian-white relations.
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