[UCP Books]: Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog, Adder's Fork and Lizard's Leg: The Lore and Mythology of Amphibians and Reptiles


“A sumptuously illustrated, informative, and entertaining volume.”


“Crump looks back on the ways in which humans around the world have historically understood reptiles, using as a framework James Serpell’s model: that human perceptions of a species are based upon emotional reactions to it combined with a sense of whether it is beneficial or harmful. . . . She concludes with musings on the ethics of whether researchers should try to debunk myths in the hope of saving particular species, making more explicit her message that fear of these species means the world risks losing them.”
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Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog, Adder's Fork and Lizard's Leg
The Lore and Mythology of Amphibians and Reptiles
Marty Crump


Domestic Publication Date: 1 December 2015 Foreign Publication Date: 14 December 2015

304 pages | 155 color plates, 1 table | 8 x 10 | ISBN-13: 978-0-226-11600-6 | Cloth $35.00/₤24.50


We’ve all heard that kissing frogs will bring us a prince while touching toads will give us warts, but from whence do such modern fables arise, what do they mean for our relationships with these animals, and—as news of amphibian die-offs proliferates in the headlines—what effect does this potent potion of herpetological perceptions have on conservation? In this beautifully illustrated book, natural history writer, conservationist, and superstar of the reptile and amphibian world Marty Crump answers these questions and more. Drawing on decades of field work and a lifetime of fascination, Crump explores the full scope of lizard lore and salamander myth across the world and throughout time, lending her characteristic wit and extraordinary narrative voice to a tale that is both personal and of great importance to the future of these ecologically vital creatures. From the use of herps in medicine and cuisine, art and religion, to Crump’s own first sip of cobra wine, Eye of Newt is certain to inspire legends and lore of its own, as well as real, positive change.


Marty Crump is currently an adjunct professor of biology at Utah State and Northern Arizona Universities; she has been a herpetologist for more than forty-five years. For at least that long, she has been intrigued with the folklore of amphibians and reptiles. She is the author of In Search of the Golden Frog, Headless Males Make Great Lovers, and Sexy Orchids Make Lousy Lovers, all published by the University of Chicago Press, as well as the recent award-winning children’s book The Mystery of Darwin’s Frog.

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