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Volume Three (Part 1)

Cartography in the European Renaissance

Edited by David Woodward

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Volume 3

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Front Matter

Gallery of Color Illustrations (Plates 1–24)
Gallery of Color Illustrations (Plates 25–40)

David Woodward

Setting the Stage

1. Cartography and the Renaissance: Continuity and Change
David Woodward

2. The Role of Maps in Later Medieval Society: Twelfth to Fourteenth Century
Victoria Morse

The History of Renaissance Cartography: Interpretive Essays

Maps and Renaissance Culture

3. Images of Renaissance Cosmography, 1450–1650
Denis E. Cosgrove

4. Renaissance Star Charts
Anna Friedman Herlihy

5. Lunar, Solar, and Planetary Representations to 1650
R. H. van Gent and A. Van Helden

6. Globes in Renaissance Europe
Elly Dekker

7. The Renaissance Chart Tradition in the Mediterranean
Corradino Astengo

8. Isolarii, Fifteenth to Seventeenth Century
George Tolias

9. The Reception of Ptolemy’s Geography (End of the Fourteenth to Beginning of the Sixteenth Century)
Patrick Gautier Dalché

10. Map Projections in the Renaissance
John P. Snyder

11. The European Religious Worldview and Its Influence on Mapping
Pauline Moffitt Watts

12. Early Modern Literature and Cartography: An Overview
Tom Conley

13. Literature and Mapping in Early Modern England, 1520–1688
Henry S. Turner

14. Cartography and Literature in Early Modern France
Nancy Bouzrara and Tom Conley

15. Literary Mapping in German-Speaking Europe
Franz Reitinger

16. Maps and Literature in Renaissance Italy
Theodore J. Cachey Jr.

17. Mapping Maritime Triumph and the Enchantment of Empire: Portuguese Literature of the Renaissance
Neil Safier and Ilda Mendes dos Santos

18. Literature and Cartography in Early Modern Spain: Etymologies and Conjectures
Simone Pinet

Technical Production and Consumption

19. Land Surveys, Instruments, and Practitioners in the Renaissance
Uta Lindgren

20. Navigation Techniques and Practice in the Renaissance
Eric H. Ash

21. Signs on Printed Topographical Maps, ca. 1470–ca. 1640
Catherine Delano-Smith

22. Techniques of Map Engraving, Printing, and Coloring in the European Renaissance
David Woodward

23. Centers of Map Publishing in Europe, 1472–1600
Robert Karrow

24. Maps as Educational Tools in the Renaissance
Lesley B. Cormack

25. Maps in Renaissance Libraries and Collections
George Tolias

Maps and Their Uses in Renaissance Governance

26. Maps and the Early Modern State: Official Cartography
Richard L. Kagan and Benjamin Schmidt

27. Portraying the City in Early Modern Europe: Measurement, Representation, and Planning
Hilary Ballon and David Friedman

28. Maps and Rural Land Management in Early Modern Europe
Roger J. P. Kain

29. Warfare and Cartography, ca. 1450 to ca. 1640
John Hale

30. Maps and Exploration in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Italian States

31. The Italian Map Trade, 1480–1650
David Woodward

32. Cycles of Painted Maps in the Renaissance
Francesca Fiorani

33. Cartography in the Duchy of Savoy during the Renaissance
Paola Sereno

34. Cartographic Activities in the Republic of Genoa, Corsica, and Sardinia during the Renaissance
Massimo Quaini

35. State, Cartography, and Territory in Renaissance Veneto and Lombardy
Emanuela Casti

36. Cartography in the Central Italian States from 1480 to 1680
Leonardo Rombai

37. Cartography in the Kingdom of Naples during the Early Modern Period
Vladimiro Valerio


38. Portuguese Cartography in the Renaissance
Maria Fernanda Alegria, Suzanne Daveau, João Carlos Garcia, Francesc Relaño


39. Spanish Peninsular Cartography, 1500–1700
David Buisseret

40. Spanish Nautical Cartography in the Renaissance
Alison Sandman

41. Spanish Colonial Cartography, 1450–1700
David Buisseret

The History of Cartography, Volume 3
Cartography in the European Renaissance
Edited by David Woodward
©2007 | Boxed Set | 2,252 pages | 80 color plates, 815 halftones, 150 line drawings, 20 tables | 8½×11
The History of Cartography Series

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