History of Cartography 2.3

Volume 2, Book 3 of the History of Cartography explores early mapping in African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific societies. On the right is the table of contents for the volume. Below you'll find links to additional resources for this book and the series.

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"[This six-volume work] is certain to be the standard reference for all subsequent scholarship."—John Noble Wilford, New York Times Book Review

The History of Cartography
Volume 2, Book 3: Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies
Edited by David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface, David Woodward

1. Introduction, David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis
Cognitive Cartography
Performance Cartography
Material Cartography
Overlaps and Inconsistencies
Problems and Issues
Reversing the Marginalization of Maps

Traditional Cartography in Africa

2. Cartographic Content of Rock Art in Southern Africa, Tim Maggs
The Hunter-Gatherer Art
The Agriculturist Engravings

3. Indigenous Mapmaking in Intertropical Africa, Thomas J. Bassett
Cosmographic Maps
Mnemonic Maps
Solicited Maps
African Influences on European Mapmaking
European Influences on African Mapmaking

Traditional Cartography in the Americas

4. Maps, Mapmaking, and Map Use by Native North Americans, G. Malcolm Lewis
Precontact, Contact, and Postcontact Maps
Native Words for "Map"
The Importance of Cosmography
Access and Conservation
Terrestrial Maps in Rock Art
Rock Art of Cosmographical and Celestial Subjects
Far West
Great Plains and Canadian Prairies
Cartographic Affinities between the Eurasian and American Arctic and Subarctic Regions
Concluding Themes

5. Mesoamerican Cartography, Barbara E. Mundy
What Is a Mesoamerican Map?
Mesoamerican Maps and the Spatialization of Time
Types of Mesoamerican Maps
Continuations of Native Mapping after the Conquest

6. Mapmaking in the Central Andes, William Gustav Gartner
Andean Conceptions of Space and Geographic Relations: Past and Present
Rock Art
A Chronological Perspective on Andean Mapmaking in the Archaeological Record
Inka Mapmaking

7. Indigenous Cartography in Lowland South America and the Caribbean, Neil L. Whitehead
Theoretical Considerations
Native Celestial and Cosmological Mapping
Historical Reports of Indigenous Mapmaking
Europeans' Inclusion of Native Information

Traditional Cartography in Arctic and Subarctic Eurasia

8. Traditional Cartography in Arctic and Subarctic Eurasia, Elena Okladnikova
Evidence of Mapping in Prehistory
Cosmographical and Celestial Maps
Terrestrial Mapmaking and Maps
   Historical Accounts of Mapmaking (with Boris Polevoy)
   Maps on Wood and Bark
   Decorative and Trade Maps

Traditional Cartography in Australia

9. Icons of Country: Topographic Representations in Classical Aboriginal Traditions, Peter Sutton
The Range of Artifacts
Means and Interpretations
Rock Paintings and Engravings
Regional Examples

10. Aboriginal Maps and Plans, Peter Sutton
Major Collections of Aboriginal Maps
Smaller Scholarly Collections
Aboriginal Maps in the Land Claims Era: Nicholson River Land Claim
Mud Maps and Sand Drawings
Aboriginal Maps: Politics and the Law

Traditional Cartography in the Pacific Basin

11. The Pacific Basin: An Introduction, Ben Finney

12. Traditional Cartography in Papua New Guinea, Eric Kline Silverman
Social Life, Cosmology, and Politics in Melanesia
Are There Maps in Melanesia?
Melanesian Maps

13. Nautical Cartography and Traditional Navigation in Oceania, Ben Finney
Mental Cartography
The European Penetration of Remote Oceania
Early Charts Drawn by European Explorers and Missionaries
An Outline of Oceanic Navigation and Cartography
The Issue of Navigational Accuracy
Caroline Island Navigation and Cartography
Piloting by Swell Pattern Disruptions in the Marshall Islands
Did Oceanic Navigators Use Navigational Instruments?
Colonization, Continuity, and Connections

14. Maori Cartography and the European Encounter, Phillip Lionel Barton
Cultural Attributes with Affinities to Mapping
European Accounts of Maori Maps and Mapping
Extant Maori Maps and Derivatives of Maori Maps

15. Concluding Remarks, David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis
Topological Structure
Secular and Sacred
Cosmos, Circle, and Center
Landscape and Event
Closeness to the Human Lifeworld
The Way Ahead

Editors, Authors, and Project Staff
Bibliographical Index
General Index, Ellen D. Goldlust-Gingrich

David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis, editors
The History of Cartography, Volume 2, Book 3:
Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies

©1998, 660 pages, 24 color plates, 267 halftones, 196 line drawings, 5 tables. 8-1/2 x 11
Cloth $200.00 ISBN: 978-0-226-90728-4

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