A Century of Nature

This chronology of twentieth-century science is taken from A Century of Nature: Twenty-One Discoveries that Changed Science and the World. The twenty-one discoveries discussed in the book are highlighted in color. A Century of Nature reprints twenty-one seminal contributions from Nature and adds commentary by leading scientists.

"Nature's eminence attracts papers of revolutionary import, making this volume of twenty-one articles of wide interest. This anthology's aura of discovery will absorb avid science fans."—Booklist

Chronology of twentieth-century science
from A Century of Nature: Twenty-One Discoveries that Changed Science and the World
Laura Garwin and Tim Lincoln, editors

1900Quantum theory proposed / Planck
1901Discovery of human blood groups / Landsteiner
1905Wave-particle duality of light / Einstein
1905Special theory of relativity / Einstein
1906Existence of vitamins proposed / Hopkins
1906Evidence that Earth has a core / Oldham
1908Synthesis of ammonia from its elements / Haber
1909Idea of genetic disease introduced / Garrod
1909Boundary between Earth's crust and mantle identified / Mohorovicic
1909Discovery of Burgess Shale: ancient invertebrate fossils / Walcott
1910First mapping of a gene to a chromosome / Morgan and others
1911Discovery of the atomic nucleus / Rutherford
1911Superconductivity discovered / Onnes
1912Discovery of cosmic rays / Hess
1912Idea of continental drift presented / Wegener
1914First steps in elucidating chemical transmission of nerve impulses: neurotransmitters / Dale; Barger; Loewi
1914Astronomical theory of climate change / Milankovitch
1915General theory of relativity / Einstein
1918 onwardSynthesis of genetics with the theory of evolution by natural selection (neodarwinism) / Fisher; Haldane; Wright
1921Isolation of insulin / Banting & Best
1923Nature of galaxies discovered / Hubble
1925Description of Australopithecus africanus / Dart
1925-26Matrix and wave formulations of quantum mechanics / Heisenberg; Schrödinger
1927Matter is proved to be wavelike / Davisson & Germer
1928Discovery of penicillin / Fleming
1929Expansion of the Universe established / Hubble
1929First suggestion that Earth's magnetic field reverses / Matuyama
1930First absolute geological timescale / Holmes
1930sTheory of chemical bonds developed / Pauling
1930s onwardEstablishment of the scientific study of animal behavior / von Frisch; Lorenz; Tinbergen
1931Birth of radioastronomy / Jansky
1931First electron microscope / Ruska
1932Discovery of the neutron / Chadwick
1932Discovery of the positron, first antimatter particle / Anderson
1935Magnitude scale for earthquakes / Richter
1935Theory of the nuclear force / Yukawa
1937Discovery of the citric acid cycle / Krebs
1938Nuclear reactions in stars / Bethe; von Weizsäcker
1938First observation of superfluidity / Kapitza
1939Discovery of nuclear fission / Meitner & Frisch
1943Mutations in bacteria identified / Luria & Delbrück
1944Evidence in bacteria that DNA is the genetic material / Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty
1944Start of Mexican wheat improvement program, leading to the "green revolution" / Borlaug
1945Formulation of the one-gene, one-enzyme hypothesis / Beadle & Tatum
1946Radiocarbon dating / Libby
1946Initial elucidation of the reactions involved in photosynthesis / Calvin
1947Invention of the transistor / Shockley, Bardeen, and Brattain
1948Big Bang theory for origin of the Universe / Gamow, Alpher, and Herman
1948Quantum electrodynamics / Feynman; Schwinger; Tomonaga
1949Immunological tolerance hypothesis proposed / Burnet
1951Presentation of the idea of gene transposition: "jumping genes" / McClintock
1952First polio vaccine / Salk
1952Theory of nerve-cell excitation announced / Hodgkin & Huxley
1953Production of amino acids in "early Earth" conditions / Miller & Urey
1953First determination of the amino-acid sequence of a protein / Sanger et al.
1953Structure of DNA: the double helix / Watson & Crick
1956Discovery of the neutrino / Cowan & Reines
1957Superconductivity explained / Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer
1958Quantum tunneling of electrons in semiconductors / Esaki
1958First three-dimensional protein structure published / Kendrew et al.
1960First laser / Maiman
1960 onwardDiscoveries of fossils of early Homo in East Africa / Leakeys and others
1961Nature of the genetic / triplet code proposed / Crick et al.
1963Deterministic chaos: the butterfly effect / Lorenz
1963Discovery of quasars / Schmidt
1963Explanation for magnetic stripes on the sea floor: seafloor spreading / Vine & Matthews
1964Existence of quarks proposed / Gell-Mann; Zweig
1964Genetic explanations proposed for animal social behavior / Hamilton
1965Discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation / Penzias & Wilson
1967First warning of an anthropogenic "greenhouse effect" / Manabe & Wetherald
1967Theory of plate tectonics / McKenzie & Parker; Morgan
1967Electroweak theory, first unification of fundamental forces / Weinberg; Glashow; Salam
1967Proposal that certain cell organelles are descended from free-living bacteria / Margulis
1968Pulsars discovered / Hewish et al.
1968Theory of random molecular evolution / the neutral theory proposed / Kimura
1970Reverse transcriptase discovered / Baltimore; Temin & Mizutani
1973Gamma-ray bursts from outer space / Klebesadel, Strong, and Olsen
1973Advent of genetic engineering techniques / Cohen, Boyer, and Berg
1973Invention of magnetic resonance imaging / Lauterbur
1974Identification of CFCs as threat to ozone layer / Molina & Rowland
1974Principles of cell-mediated immunity unveiled / Zinkernagel & Doherty
1974Discovery of "Lucy," Australopithecus afarensis / Johanson & Taieb
1974First Grand Unified Theory of particle physics / Georgi & Glashow
1975Monoclonal antibodies created / Köhler & Milstein
1976Patch-clamp technique for studying single ion channels / Neher & Sakmann
1977First complete DNA sequence of an organism / Sanger et al.
1977Discovery of deep-sea hydrothermal vents / Corliss et al.
1978Observation of astronomical dark matter / Rubin
1980Unveiling of genetic controls on animal body-plan development / Nüsslein-Volhard & Wieschaus
1980First human oncogene / "cancer gene" identified / Weinberg
1980Impact hypothesis for extinctions at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary / Alvarez et al.
1981Superstring theory / Green & Schwarz
1982Prion hypothesis proposed / Prusiner
1983AIDS virus identified / Barré-Sinoussi et al.
1985Genetic fingerprinting invented / Jeffreys
1985Ozone hole discovered / Farman et al.
1985Discovery of buckminsterfullerene / Kroto et al.
1986First high-temperature superconductor / Bednorz & Müller
1987Formulation of the "Out of Africa" hypothesis of human evolution using molecular data / Cann, Stoneking, and Wilson
1995Bose-Einstein condensation of trapped atoms / Cornell & Wieman
1995First extrasolar planet identified / Mayor & Queloz
1997Dolly the sheep created by cloning / Wilmut et al.
2001Publication of near-complete sequences of the human genome / International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium; Venter et al.


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A Century of Nature: Twenty-One Discoveries that Changed Science and the World
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