Chicago Architecture and Urbanism

Timothy Mennel, Acquiring Editor
The Chicago Architecture and Urbanism series presents new scholarship on the built environment of the Chicago metropolitan area and on the architectural culture of the city and its region. Volumes in the series deal with architecture, engineering, landscape, historic preservation and planning, and with the social, political, and economic forces that influence the creation of architecture and the designed landscape. Several volumes in the series have won important awards: Robert Bruegmann's The Architects and the City (1997) the Spiro Kostof Prize, Joseph Siry's Chicago Auditorium Building (2002) the Alice Davis Hitchcock Prize, both from the Society of Architectural Historians, and Joseph Bigott's From Cottage to Bungalow (2001) the Historic Preservation Award from the Center for Historic Preservation. Series editors are looking for new titles that will expand our knowledge of the city, its culture, and its worldwide influence.

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