Paper $34.95 ISBN: 9781783604920 Published October 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9781783604937 Published October 2015 For sale in North and South America only

Water and Development

Good Governance after Neoliberalism

Edited by R. Munck, et. al.

Water and Development

Edited by R. Munck, et. al.

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213 pages | 5 x 9 | © 2015
Paper $34.95 ISBN: 9781783604920 Published October 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $95.00 ISBN: 9781783604937 Published October 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Water is essential not merely for its most basic use of sustaining life, but also for a wide range of economic and social development projects, including agriculture, industry, mining, power generation, and much more. Yet access to water, and the right to exploit, use, or buy and sell it, has been a contentious issue for years—with particular force recently and in Africa.

This book examines a wide range of issues related to the question of water and development, gathering experts in numerous fields to explore such topics as governance, solar distillation, gender, and many more. Using research methods that run the gamut from participant observation to the analysis of GIS data, the contributors continually look for ways to develop a participatory, sustainable approach to water that is rooted in its nature as a fundamentally public necessity.
Part One: Context
1 Water, development and good governance - Ronaldo Munck
2 Liquid dynamics: challenges for sustainability in the water domain - Lyla Mehta and Synne Movik
3 Can IWRM float on a sea of underdevelopment? Reflections on twenty-plus years of ‘reform’ in sub-Saharan Africa - Larry A. Swatuk
4 Water politics in eastern and southern Africa - Sobona Mtisi and Alan Nicol

Part Two: Case study
5 Integrated water management and social development in Uganda - Gloria Macri, Firminus Mugumya and Áine Rickard
6 Governance and safe water provisioning in Uganda: theory and practice - Firminus Mugumya and Narathius Asingwire
7 Woman water keeper? Women’s troubled participation in water resource management - Richard Bagonza Asaba and G. Honor Fagan
8 Women and water politics: an ethnographic gender perspective - Joyce Mpalanyi Magala, Consolata Kabonesa and Anthony Staines
9 Understanding adaptive capacity on the ground: a case of agro-pastoralists in a rural parish, Uganda - Mavuto D. Tembo
10 Functional sustainability of hand pumps for rural water supply - Michael Lubwama, Brian Corcoran and Kimmitt Sayers

Part Three: Balance sheet
11 Beyond the MDGS: can the water crisis for the poor finally be resolved? - David Hemson
Review Quotes
Barbara Schreiner, Pegasys Institute
“This highly readable book raises important issues in the management of fresh water in the interests of the poor and the marginalized, issues that are becoming more pressing in the face of population growth, economic development and climate change.”
Robert Chambers, author of Rural Development and Provocations for Development
“This is a very significant book, and an important grounding for future thinking and policy around 'water for all'. It draws attention to the complex dynamics of water-related challenges in an accessible format [and] will be an invaluable resource for policy-makers, professionals, and students alike.”
John Ddumba-Ssentamu, Makerere University
“An illustrative, inspiring and innovative text that raises fundamental issues on the pertinent subject of water in a developing context. The book is comprehensive in tackling both hardware and software issues in relation to sustainable water development and access. Scholars, researchers, policy-makers and planners in the water sector will undoubtedly find this book a vital reference.”
Nalini Visvanathan, co-editor of The Women, Gender and Development Reader
“An insightful and important analysis of the promises and pitfalls inherent in hybrid development models guiding global water resource governance. The empirical case studies are highly instructive for students of gender and resource management, as well as development planners.”
LSE Review of Books
“Water and Development gives a realistic view of the problems that exist when investing in global initiatives without realizing the particular social, environmental and economic situations of local communities.”
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