World Film Locations: Moscow

Edited by Birgit Beumers

World Film Locations: Moscow
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Edited by Birgit Beumers

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

128 pages | illustrated in color throughout | 6 x 9
Paper $22.00 ISBN: 9781783201969 Published April 2014
A megalopolis of more than twelve million inhabitants, Moscow is a city with a rich and varied history. In 1918, following the Revolution, Moscow became the capital of the Soviet Union, and it remained capital of the Russian Federation after 1991. Moscow’s status as capital, from 1918 to the present, more or less coincides with its life on the silver screen, since there are very few preserved filmic depictions of the city from pre-Revolutionary years. In the Soviet era, film often served propaganda purposes; therefore, the image of Moscow on celluloid echoes the political ambitions of the country, and film locations and settings reflect the cultural agenda of the times.

World Film Locations: Moscow compares and contrasts images from the past and present, giving the forty-six carefully selected scene reviews and seven spotlight essays a historical focus. With an inside look at the city’s film studio, Mosfilm, the book is essential for all armchair travelers and cinephiles alike.
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Moscow: City of the Imagination
Birgit Beumers
Cinematic Journeys on the Moscow Metro
Birgit Beumers
Palace of Soviets
Vincent Nohlinger
Sites of Production and Demonstration
Birgit Beumers
Urban Poetics: Moscow in 1960s Films
Sergey Dobrynin
Housing Estates: Cheremushki on Screen
Sergey Dobrynin
Marginal or Central: Prostitution in Moscow
Emily Schuckman Matthews
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