Water Urbanisms 2 - East

Edited by Kelly Shannon and Bruno De Meulder

Water Urbanisms 2 - East

Edited by Kelly Shannon and Bruno De Meulder

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256 pages | 210 color plates, 75 halftones | 9 x 9 | © 2013
Paper $39.00 ISBN: 9783906027258 Published January 2014 Not for sale in the United Kingdom or Europe
In Water Urbanisms 2—East, a selection of the world’s leading experts on urbanism reflect on the changing role that water plays in cities. They investigate the possible consequences of global warming on urban water supplies, including new problems with drought and flooding, as well as the new pressures of dealing with storm waters and basin management. This book is organized in three sections, each of which explores urban water use through a particular theme. “Contemporary Positions” explores a broad array of specific modern water projects. “Re-visiting/Re-editing Urban Water Projects” looks at the history of water urbanisms from around the world in light of today’s challenges and research. “Explorations & Speculations: Excerpts on Water Urbanisms” looks at the role of design in urban water infrastructures. This richly illustrated book offers a wide-ranging account of the myriad roles water plays in our modern city centers.  

Water Urbanisms East

Emerging Practices and Age-Old Traditions

Bruno de Meulder and Kelly Shannon




China’s Water Crisis

Projects Leading Policy: Water Urbanism across Scales

Kongjian Yu


Bangkok’s Distributary Waterscape Urbanism

From a Tributary to a Distributary System

Brian McGrath, Terdsak Tachakitkachorn, and Danai Thitakoo


Post 311: Sendai OASIS

Smart Water City of a Thousand Rain Gardens

Toshikazu Ishida


River and Road as Warp and Woof

Interweaving Ecologies and Economies in Banjarmasin’s Delta

Guido Geenen and Daan Derden


Being in Deep Urban Water

Finding the Horizontal Urban Trim Line, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jörg Retkittke


Hanoi: The ‘City of Lakes and Rivers’

Reading and Recovering the Potentials of the Millennium-Old City’s Origins

Kelly Shannon, Pham Anh Tuan, Stefanie Dens, and Laura Rijsbosch


Mangroving Ca Mau, Vietnam

Water and Forest as Development Frames

Bruno de Meulder and Kelly Shannon


Revising the Cantho Master Plan, Vietnam

Pilotage of a Civic Spine in a Blue-Green Landscape Mesh

Kelly Shannon and Bruno de Meulder




Persian Qanats

A Case Study into the Archaeological Foundations of Water Urbanism

Bruno de Meulder and Morvarid Khorramirad


A Modern Times Version of the Hydraulic Civilization

Water Engineering in the Chia-Nan Plain, Taiwan Since 1919

Pei-Chun Wen and Kelly Shannon


Betavia, Simon Stevin in the Tropics

A Catastrophic Displacement of a Universal Water Urbanism Prototype

Bruno de Meulder


Water Urbanism as a Way of Life

Conservation of the Subak Cultural Landscapes of Bali

Julia Watson


Raising the Dykes and Taming the Swamp

Water Management in Vietnam’s Red River & Mekong Deltas

Annelies de Nijs and Pham Anh Tuan




Riparian Urbanism: Mumbai

Haley Heard


Urban Delta Eco-Tone: Bangkok

Jenny C. Chou, Janet Kao, Saman Jamal, and Kevin Wei


Banani Lake (Dhaka) as a Connector and a Collector

Linde van Reeth


Glacial Formwork by Accreting Sacred Landscapes

Kendall Baldwin


Easy Like Water: Ecological Shoring in Bangladesh

Jessica Bristow


Reclaiming Waterscapes for the Yanshuei Canal, Tainan

Evelyne Wauters


Touching the Ground Lightly: Yen So, Hanoi

Stefanie Dens and Laura Rijsbosch


Low-Land Retention and Cleaning Sequences: Expanding Hanoi

Nguyen Chi Thung, Cesar Madrigal, and Isabelle Putseys


Framing a Void: Day River, Hanoi

Amber Kevelaerts, Matteo Motti, Conor O’Brien, and Artur Shakhbazyan


Canalizing Urban Development in an orchard Phong Dien, Cantho

Daan Derden and Annelies de Nijs


Retention Basin as Impetus for Urbanism: O Mon, Cantho

Niels Buys, Ben Dirickx, Rana Sadat Habibi, and Tran Tien Dung


Reconfigured Emerging Urbanity: Hung Phu, Cantho

Annelies de Nijs, Esther Jacobs, and Laura Nagels

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