Visual Authorship

Creativity and Intentionality in Media

Edited by Torben Grodal, Iben Thorving Laursen and Bente Larsen

Visual Authorship
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Edited by Torben Grodal, Iben Thorving Laursen and Bente Larsen

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

272 pages | 9.3 x 6.3 | © 2004
Paper $39.00 ISBN: 9788763501286 Published June 2005 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
Visual Authorship is a collection of essays which offers a new approach to the study of authorship. The contributors point out that individual creativity is essential in the richly faceted media landscape of today. The individual creativity and the role of authorship are discussed in relation to film, television, computer games and the Internet. Theories of cognition and emotion offer new tools for the understanding of visual aesthetics; they explain why works of art are created by individuals and not by discourses and ideologies. Several contributors analyse in detail the works of Lars von Trier.
Agency in Film, Filmmaking, and Reception
Torben Grodal
The Makers of Movies: Authors, Subjects, Personalities, Agents?
Casper Tybjerg
Auteurs and their Brains Cognition and Creativity in the Cinema       
Patrick Colm Hogan
Can Involuntary Contributions Be Authored?: A Note on the Actor’s Art        
Johannes Riis
The Making of an Auteur: Notes on the Auteur Theory and Lars von Trier    
Peter Schepelern
Frozen Flows in von Trier’s Oeuvre     
Torben Grodal
Reality under Critical Examination: Ole Palsbo’s Feature Films
Birger Langkjær
Off With Their Heads!: On Dennis Potter, Authorship and Auteurism               
Bente Larsen
Work of the Genius or Product of ‘the Genius of the System’?: The TV Auteur as a Digital Network Phenomenon
Iben Thorving Laursen           
The Game and its Name: What is a Game Auteur?
Espen Aarseth
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