A Ticket to Work

Policies for the Young Unemployed in Britain and Germany

Bettina Kohlrausch

A Ticket to Work

Bettina Kohlrausch

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In A Ticket to Work, Bettina Kohlrausch examines the differing approaches taken by Britain and Germany to assisting young people with the often difficult transition from school to full-time work. Detailing the workings of such programs as skills training and job-placement assistance, the volume places those vocational training methods in the context of the general political and economic climate of the two nations, drawing a contrast between Britain’s more liberal market economy and Germany’s more structured and coordinated regime.

1    Introduction.

2    Bridging Institutions and Life Courses: Why Skills Matter for the
Analytical Frame of the reference.

2.1 Why Institutions Matter – The New Institutional Approach.
2.2 The Life-Course Approach.
2.3 Skills are the Answer: Three Dimensions of Skills.
2.4 Reflections on the Empirical Analysis.

3    Comparative Labour-Market Research: Approaches and Methodology.
3.1 Case Selection.
3.2 Design of the Study: Bringing the Institutional Context Back In.

4    Policy Regimes: Youth Labour Markets in Germany and Britain. 4.1 Youth Labour Markets in Germany.
4.2 Youth Labour Markets in Britain.
4.3 Conclusion: Britain and Germany as Internal and Occupational Labour Markets?

5    Implementation of Jump and NDYP..
5.1 Description of Jump.
5.2 Description of the New Deal for Young People.
5.3 Conclusion: Comparing Jump and NDYP.

6    Transition Patterns within Jump and NDYP..
6.1 Who Attends the Programmes? Description of the Central Variables
6.2 The Institutional Framing of School-to-Work Transitions: The Timing
of Entry, Participation and Leaving.

6.3ndowtext; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%; TEXT-DECORATION: none; text-underline: none" Successful Measures and Option with regard to Labour-Market

6.4 Is there Workfare Recycling in both Programmes?.
6.5 Stratification in Jump and NDYP.
6.6 Summary: Transition Patterns in Jump and NDYP.

7    Jump and New Deal: Old or New Paths into (Un)employment?.
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