Towards a Sustainable Information Society

Deconstructing WSIS

Edited by Nico Carpentier and Jan Servaes

Towards a Sustainable Information Society
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Edited by Nico Carpentier and Jan Servaes

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215 pages | 6-3/4 x 9
Paper $35.50 ISBN: 9781841501338 Published January 2006
The Information Society is one of the recurrent imaginaries to describe present-day structures, discourses and practices. Within its meaning is enshrined the promise of a better world, sometimes naively assuming a technological deus ex machina, in other cases hoping for the creation of policy tools that will overcome a diversity of societal divides.

With the two-phased World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the United Nations attempted to stimulate the development of such tools.
Simultaneously, the WSIS is a large-scale experiment in multistakeholderism. The objective was to create a more balanced decision-making process that would allow the voices of civil society and business actors to be heard in international politics.

This book aims to evaluate the potentialities of both the Information Society, and the WSIS in supporting and constructing more democratic, just and developed societies. It is the second book arising from the intellectual work of European Consortium for Communications Research members.
Bart Staes
Foreword: Towards a New Democratic Lingua Franca
Jan Servaes & Nico Carpentier: Introduction
Steps to Achieve a Sustainable Information Society 5
Bart Cammaerts & Nico Carpentier
1: The Unbearable Lightness of Full Participation in a Global Context: WSIS and Civil Society Participation 
Claudia Padovani & Arjuna Tuzzi
2: Communication Governance and the Role of Civil Society. Reflections on Participation and the Changing Scope of Political Action
Divina Frau Meigs
3: Civil Society’s Involvement in the WSIS Process. Drafting the Alteragenda
Ned Rossiter
4: WSIS and Organised Networks as New Civil Society Movements 
Stefano Martelli
5: How Civil Society Can Help Civil Society
Miyase Christensen
6: What Price the Information Society? A Candidate Country Perspective within the Context of the EU’s Information Society Policies
Michel Bauwens
7: Peer-to-peer: From Technology to Politics
Paul Verschueren
8: From Virtual to Everyday Life
Claudio Feijóo González, José Luis Gómez Barroso, Ana González Laguía, Sergio Ramos Villaverde, David Rojo Alonso
9: Shifting from Equity to Efficiency Rationales: Global Benefits Resulting from a Digital Solidarity Fund
Barbara Thomass
10: PSB as an Instrument of Implementing WSIS Aims
Peter Johnston
Towards a Knowledge Society and Sustainable Development. Deconstructing the WSIS in the European Policy Context
Recommendations on the Subject of Research and Education in the Area of the Information Society
Notes on Contributors
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