Towards Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in the Wider Caribbean

Edited by Lucia Fanning, Robin Mahon, and Patrick McConney

Towards Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in the Wider Caribbean
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Edited by Lucia Fanning, Robin Mahon, and Patrick McConney

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

425 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2011
Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9789089642424 Published October 2011 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

In order to ensure sustainable use of their shared marine resources, the nations of the West Caribbean Region must adopt an approach that encompasses both the human and natural dimensions of ecosystems. This volume directly contributes to that vision, bringing together the collective knowledge and experience of scholars and practitioners within the wider Caribbean to assemble a road map towards marine ecosystem based management for the region. The research presented here will be used not only as a training tool for graduate students, but also as comparative example and guide for stakeholders and policy makers in each of the world’s sixty-four large marine ecosystems.


Part I: Setting the Stage for Principled Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean Region
1. The Symposium on Marine EBM in the Wider Caribbean Region
      Lucia Fanning, Robin Mahon, Patrick McConney and Sharon Almerigi
2. Principled Ocean Governance for the Wider Caribbean Region
      Robin Mahon, Lucia Fanning, and Patrick McConney
3. Meeting the Challenge of Applying an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management: Some Experiences and Considerations Based on the FAO’s Work
      Gabriella Bianchi and Kevern Cochrane
Part II: Social and Economic Aspects
4. Implications of Land-based Activities in Small Islands for Marine EBM
      Vincent Sweeney and Christopher Corbin
5. Impacts of Land-based Marine Pollution on Ecosystems in the Caribbean Sea: Implications for the EBM Approach in the Caribbean
      Diego L. Gil-Agudelo and Peter G. Wells
6. Building Capacity and Networking among Managers: Essential Elements for Large-scale, Transboundary EBM through Effective MPA Networks
      Georgina Bustamante Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri
7. Why Incorporate Social Considerations into Marine EBM?
      Patrick McConney and Silvia Salas
8. Economic Considerations for Marine EBM in the Caribbean
      Peter W. Schuhmann, Juan Carlos Seijo and James Casey
9. An Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries: Linkages with Sea Turtles. Marine Mammals and Seabirds
      Julia Horrocks, Nathalie Ward and Anne M. Haynes-Sutton
Part III: Fisheries Ecosystems
10. Reef Resources, the ‘Fog of Fisheries’ and EBM
      Richard S. Appeldoorn
11. Implications of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management in Large Ecosystems: The Case of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster
      Nelson Ehrhardt, Rafael Puga and Mark Butler IV
12. Applying EBM to Queen Conch Fisheries in the Caribbean
      Richard S. Appeldoorn, Erick Castro Gonzales, Robert Glazer and Martha Prada
13. EBM for Fisheries in the Wider Caribbean: Deepwater Red Snapper Fisheries
      Sherry Heileman
14. An Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries for Large Pelagic Fish Resources in the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem
      Susan Singh-Renton, David J. Die and Elizabeth Mohammed
15. Management of the Shrimp and Groundfish Fisheries of the North Brazil Shelf: An Ecosystem Approach
      Terrence Phillips, Bissessar Chakalall and Les Romahlo
16. Ecosystem Issues Pertaining to the Flyingfish Fisheries of the Eastern Caribbean
      L. Paul Fanning and Hazel A. Oxenford
17. Coastal Lagoons and Estuaries: The EBM Approach
      Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia, John W. Day, Bastiaan A. Knoppers and Jorge A. Jiménez
Part IV: Governance
18. An Overview and Assessment of Regional Institutional Arrangements for Marine EBM of Fisheries Resources in the Wider Caribbean
      Lucia Fanning and Robin Mahon
19. International Environmental Instruments and the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries in CARICOM States
      Milton O. Haughton
20. Spatial Data Infrastructures in Support of EBM and the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries in the Caribbean
      Michael J. A. Butler, Paul R. Boudreau, Claudette LeBlanc and Kim Baldwin
21. Roles for Non-Governmental Organizations in EBM of Marine and Coastal Areas of the Wider Caribbean
      Bruce Potter and Kemraj Parsram
Part V: Synthesis
22. The Vision for EBM of Coral Reef Ecosystems in the Wider Caribbean
      Robin Mahon, Sharon Almerigi, Richard Appeldoorn, Kim Baldwin, Georgina Bustamante, Jeff Cramer, Nelson Ehrhardt, David Gill, Caroline Gooding, Winston Hobson, Phil Kramer, Mitchell Lay, Adolfo Lopez, Sergio Martinez, Judith Mendes, Armando Ramirez, Silvia Salas, Vincent Sweeny and Beverley Wade
23. The Vision for EBM of Pelagic Ecosystems in the Wider Caribbean
      Patrick McConney, Kurt Baynes, Shelly-Ann Cox, Rufus George, Tenile Grant, Harold Guiste, Julia Horrocks, Martin Johnston, Anderson Kinch, Elizabeth Mohammed, Vernel Nicholls, Toney Olton, Hazel Oxenford, Christopher Parker, Indar Ramnarine, Justin Rennie and Susan Singh-Renton
24. The Vision for EBM of Continental Shelf Ecosystems in the Wider Caribbean
      Robin Mahon, Thor Ásgeirsson, Radjeskumar Asraf, Katherine Blackman, Paul Boudreau, Mike Butler, Jen Cavanagh, Bissessar Chakalall, Shamal Connell, Diego Gil, Sherry Heileman, Nerissa Lucky, Terrence Phillips, Les Romahlo, Winston Rudder, Steven Smikle and Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia
25. Developing the Vision for EBM Governance in the Wider Caribbean 
      Lucia Fanning, Winston Anderson, Gabriella Bianchi, Wesley Clerveaux, Robert Fournier, Milton Haughton, Einar Hjörleifsson, Sandra Husbands, Donald Logan, Sarah MacIntosh, Jeanette Mateo, Kemraj Parsram, Bruce Potter, Peter Schuhmann, Ricardo Soto, Cesar Toro, David VanderZwaag and Glaston White 
26. Overall Synthesis and Future Directions for Marine EBM in the Wider Caribbean
      Lucia Fanning, Robin Mahon and Patrick McConney

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