Selected Studies in International Migration and Immigrant Incorporation

Edited by Marco Martiniello and Jan Rath

Selected Studies in International Migration and Immigrant Incorporation

Edited by Marco Martiniello and Jan Rath

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Over the past decade there have been significant advances in the field of migration and ethnic studies, ranging in topic from ethnic conflict and discrimination to nationalism, citizenship, and integration policy. But many of these studies are oriented towards the United States, slighting, when not outright ignoring, the European perspective. This volume—the first in a set of four—will fill this research gap, gathering essays that have set a benchmark for research on and in Europe.

Introduction: migration and ethnic studies in Europe
      Marco Martiniello and Jan Rath

Part I - The migration process
1. The function of labour immigration in Western European capitalism
      Stephen Castles and Godula Kosack
2. Introduction to European immigration policy: a comparative study
      Tomas Hammar
3. The crucial meso-level
      Thomas Faist
4. Conceiving and researching transnationalism
      Steven Vertovec
5. Towards a new map of European migration
      Russell King
6. The constitution of a European immigration policy domain: a political sociology approach
      Virginie Guiraudon
7. Immigration and ’state thought’
      Abdelmalek Sayad
Part II - Modes of incorporation
8. ’Minority’ as a sociological concept
      Hans van Amersfoort
9. ’Black’, racial equality and Asian identity
      Tariq Modood
10. Introduction to immigration and the politics of citizenship in Europe and North America
      William Rogers Brubaker
11. Ethnic leadership, ethnic communities’ political powerlessness and the state in Belgium
      Marco Martiniello
12. Racism in Europe: unity and diversity
      Michel Wieviorka      
13. Changing the boundaries of citizenship: the inclusion of immigrants in democratic polities
      Rainer Bauböck
14. Mixed embeddedness: (in)formal economic activities and immigrant businesses in the Netherlands
      Robert Kloosterman, Joanne van der Leun and Jan Rath
15. The mosaic pattern: cohabitation between ethnic groups in Belleville, Paris
      Patrick Simon
16. Political dynamics in the city: three case studies
      Hassan Bousetta
17. Integration and nations: the nation-state and research on immigrants in Western Europe
      Adrian Favell
Part III - Conceptual issues
18. Introduction to ethnic groups and boundaries: the social organization of cultural difference
      Fredrik Barth
19. The theory of race relations: a Weberian approach
      John Rex
20. Contextualizing feminism: gender, ethnic and class divisions
      Floya Anthias and Nira Yuval-Davis
21. Varieties of Marxist conceptions of ’race’, class and the state: a critical analysis
      John Solomos
22. Racism, migration and the state in Western Europe: a case for comparative analysis
      Frank Bovenkerk, Robert Miles and Gilles Verbunt
23. Migration, racism and ’postmodern’ capitalism
      Robert Miles and Victor Satzewich
24. Class racism
      Etienne Balibar
25. The ghetto and the ethnic enclave
      Ceri Peach

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Review Quotes
Roger Waldinger, University of California, Los Angeles
“A collection of must-read, though sometimes hard-to-find, pieces that any scholar or student interested in immigration to Europe and its consequences will want to consult.”
John Mollenkopf, City University of New York

“The editors have selected from both the grounding classics and the best new work to show how migration is transforming the rich democracies.”

Aristide Zolberg, New School for Social Research

“A must not only for courses focused on Europe, but also a most useful tool for shedding new light on North American migration by casting it in an often neglected comparative context.”

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