Shrines and Pilgrimage in the Modern World

New Itineraries into the Sacred

Peter Jan Margry

Shrines and Pilgrimage in the Modern World

Peter Jan Margry

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352 pages | 6-3/10 x 9-1/2
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The modern pilgrimage—to sites ranging from Graceland to the veterans’ annual ride to to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Jim Morrison’s Paris grave—is intertwined with man’s existential uncertainties in the face of a rapidly changing world. In a climate that reproduces the religious quest in seemingly secular places, it’s no longer clear exactly what the term pilgrimage infers—and Shrines and Pilgrimage in the Modern World critiques our notions of the secular and the sacred, while commenting on the modern media’s multiplication of images that renders the modern pilgrimage a quest without an object. Using new ethnographical and theoretical approaches, this volume offers a surprising new vision on the non-secularity of the “secular” pilgrimage.
"This book will be sure to stoke our intellectual fire and heat up the discussion over the highly charged topic of secular pilgrimage.”—Simon Bronner, Penn State University

On the Authors

Map of Pilgrimage Shrines

1. Secular Pilgrimage: A Contradiction in Terms?

Peter Jan Margry

I. The Political Realm

2. The Anti-Mafia Movement as Religion? The Pilgrimage to Falcone’s Tree

Deborah Puccio-Den

3. “I’m not religious, but Tito is a God”: Tito, Kumrovec, and the New Pilgrims

Marijana Belaj

4. Patriotism and Religion: Pilgrimages to Soekarno’s Grave

Huub de Jonge

II. The Musical Realm

5. Rock and Roll Pilgrims: Reflections on Ritual, Religiosity, and Race at Graceland

Erika Doss

6. The Pilgrimage to Jim Morrison’s Grave at Pere Lachaise Cemetary: The Social Construction of Sacred Space

Peter Jan Margry

7. The Apostle of Love: The Cultus of Jimmy Zambo in Post-Socialist Humgary

Istvan Povedak

III. The Sports Realm

8. Pre’s Rock: Pilgrimage, Ritual, and Runners’ Traditions at the Roadside Shrine to Steve Prefontaine

Daniel Wojcik

IV. The Realm of Life, Spirituality and Death

9. Going with the Flow: Contemporary Pilgrimage in Glastonbury

Marion Bowman

10. The Pilgrimage to the “Cancer Forest” on the “Trees for Life Day” in Flevoland

Paul Post

11. Sites of Memory, Sites of Sorrow: An American Veterans’ Motorcycle Pilgrimage

Jill Dubisch


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