The Spoken Word: American Writers, 3-CD Set

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The Spoken Word: American Writers, 3-CD Set
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3 CDs (210 minutes) and booklet | © 2008
Compact Disc $35.00 ISBN: 9780712305440 Published December 2008 For sale in North and South America only

James Baldwin discussing the position of African American writers in the United States, F. Scott Fitzgerald reading from Othello, and a rare interview with William S. Burroughs are just some of the wealth of the striking voices of American writers recorded for BBC broadcasts in the twentieth century and gathered here in one remarkable collection. This incredible three-CD boxed set forms part of the British Library’s extensive audio series of documentary recordings by English-language authors and playwrights. The the collection brings modern American literature dramatically to life with writers as diverse as Vladimir Nabokov, Eudora Welty, John Steinbeck, Ralph Ellison, and Gertrude Stein. The majority of these recordings have never before been released, making this collection the perfect gift for any literature lover in your life who wishes to add these legendary figures to his or her impeccable library.

Details: Three CDs plus booklet, running time approximately 210 minutes.


Track listing

1. Gertrude Stein [1874-1946]
American Points of View

2. Sinclair Lewis [1885-1951]
Address from the 1940 Writers’ Committee for Roosevelt Conference

3. Anita Loos [1888–1981]
Interview with Anita Loos

4. Raymond Chandler [1888-1959]
Playback Dr No

5. Eugene O’Neill [1888-1953]
Extract from O’Neill: Long Day’s Journey into Night

6. Henry Miller [1891-1980]

7. Pearl Buck [1892-1973]
Speech at Gallaudet College

8. James Thurber [1894-1961]
Interview with James Thurber

9. F Scott Fitzgerald [1896-1940]
Shakespeare: Othello [extract]

10. Thornton Wilder [1897-1975]
Talk on Gertrude Stein and Emily Dickinson

11. Vladimir Nabokov [1899-1977]
Interview with Vladimir Nabokov

1. John Steinbeck [1902-1968]
Interview with John Steinbeck

2. Isaac Bashevis Singer [1904-91]
A Story No-one Else can Tell

3. Lillian Hellman [1905-84]
Omnibus: Lillian Hellman

4. James A Michener [1907-97]

5. Eudora Welty [1909-2001]
A Curtain of Green

6. Tennessee Williams [1911-83]
Frankly Speaking

7. Mary McCarthy [1912-1989]

8. William S Burroughs [1914-97]
Interview with William S Burroughs


1. Ralph Ellison [1914-1994]
Interview with Ralph Ellison

2. Saul Bellow [1915-2005]
The Arts in Scotland

3. Arthur Miller [1915-2005]

4. Patricia Highsmith [1921-1995]

5. James Baldwin [1924-1987]
The World of Books

6. William Styron [1925-2006]
Styron’s Choice

7. Gore Vidal [born 1925]

8. Toni Morrison [born 1931]
Interview with Toni Morrison

Review Quotes
Julia Keller | Chicago Tribune
"After spending a few hours reveling in this diverse collection, there will be voices in the listener's head . . . the voices of the women and men who shaped the 20th Century with the written versions of their words."
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