The Supreme Court Review, 1997

Edited by Dennis J. Hutchinson, David A. Strauss, and Geoffrey R. Stone

The Supreme Court Review, 1997
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Edited by Dennis J. Hutchinson, David A. Strauss, and Geoffrey R. Stone

500 pages | 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 | © 1998
Cloth $54.00 ISBN: 9780226363141 Published May 1998
Which Question? Which Lie? Reflections on the Physician-Assisted Suicide Cases
Martha Minow
The Value of Seeing Things Differently: Boerne v Flores and Congressional Enforcement of the Bill of Rights
David Cole
Congressional Power and Religious Liberty after City of Boerne v Flores
Christopher L. Eisgruber, Lawrence G. Sager.
Freedom of Speech, Shielding Children, and Transcending Balancing
Eugene Volokh
Printz, State Sovereignty, and the Limits of Formalism
Evan H. Caminker
O'Hagan's Problems
Victor Brudney
Traffic Stops, Minority Motorists, and the Future of the Fourth Amendment
David A. Sklansky
Entrenching the Duopoly: Why the Supreme Court Should not Allow the States to Protect the Democrats and Republicans from Political Competition
Richard L. Hasen
"The Ideal New Frontier Judge"
Dennis J. Hutchinson
The Court and the Corporation: Jurisprudence, Localism, and Federalism
Gregory A. Mark
Do not Go Gently into that Good Right: the First Amendment in the High Court of Australia
Gerald N. Rosenberg, John M. Williams.
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