Syntax of Dutch

Adpositions and Adpositional Phrases

Hans Broekhuis

Syntax of Dutch

Hans Broekhuis

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

416 pages | 9 2/5 x 6 1/5 | © 2013
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Part of the larger Syntax of Dutch series, this volume focuses on the internal makeup and distribution of adpositional phrases in Dutch. It covers such topics as complementation and modification of adpositional phrases, as well as their predicative, attributive, and adverbial uses.

Abbreviations and Symbols

Preface and acknowledgements

1. General introduction

2. Main objective

3. Intended readership

4. Object of description

5. Organization of the material

6. History of the project and future prospects

7. Acknowledgements


1. Adpositions: characteristics and classification

1.1 Characterization of the category adposition

1.2 A formal classification of adpositional phrases

1.3 A semantic classification of adpositional phrases

1.4 Borderline cases

1.5 Bibliographical notes

2. Projection of adpositional phrases: Complementation

2.1 Nominal complements

2.2 Adpositional complements

2.3 Adjectival complements

2.4 Clausal complements

2.5 Absolute PPs

2.6 Bibliographical notes

3. Projection of adpositional phrases: Modification

3.1 Spatial adpositional phrases

3.2 Temporal adpositional phrases

3.3 Non-spatial/temporal adpositional phrases

3.4 Comparative/superlative formation

3.5 Some ambiguous constructions

3.6 Bibliographical note

4. Syntactic uses of the adpositional phrase

4.1 Adpositional phrases used as arguments

4.2 Predicative use of adpositional phrases

4.3 Attributive use of adpositional phrases

4.4 Adverbial use of adpositional phrases

4.5 Bibliographical notes

5. R-pronominalization and R-words

5.1 [-HUMAN] restriction on the formation of pronominal PPs

5.2 Lexical restrictions  on the formation of pronominal PPs

5.3 Syntactic restrictions on R-extraction

5.4 Idiomatic pronominal PPs

5.5 Appendix: The syntax of R-words

5.6 Bibliographical notes


Subject Index


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