Navigating the Complexity of the New World

Fredmund Malik


Fredmund Malik

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368 pages | 117 color plates | 5 1/2 x 8 3/8 | © 2013
Cloth $50.00 ISBN: 9783593398105 Published June 2013

In Strategy, Fredmund Malik once again offers executives in the business world the tools they need to lead their companies. Exploring the technological innovations that have revolutionized business, Malik outlines the problems confronting companies in this novel era. He then discusses the many effective cybernetic systems for strategic navigation and the patterns of transformations to come, along with the economic dynamics that will accompany them. The book also lays out the revolutionary new methods that allow businesspeople around the world to master these new strategies with precision, ease, and unprecedented speed.


Introduction: Strategic Solutions for REvolutions

Part I: Strategy for the Great Transformation 21
    1. What Strategy Looks Like When the Future is Unknown
    2. The Great Transformation 21
    3. Propositions for the Strategy of New Functioning
    4. When You Do Not Know What You Need to Know: The Minefield of Strategic Errors
Part II: Strategy as Master Control in the Wholistic Management Systems
    1. Making Companies Function Well
    2. Providing Direction Through the Corporate Policy and Business Mission
Part III: Mastering Complexity Through Reliable Navigation in Any Circumstance
    1. Revolutionizing Strategic Navigation
    2. Reliable Control through Cybernetic Navigation
    3. Setting the Right Strategy, Irrespective of Economic Climate: The Strategy Map
Part IV: Following the Change: Success Factors for Your Current Business
    1. No More Blind Flying: PIMS—The High Art of Strategy Development
    2. Strategic Core Knowledge: A Cornucopia of Insights
    3. Breaking Strategic Barriers: Three Pioneering Models from PIMS
Part V: Staying Ahead of Change: Success Factors for Your New Business
    1. Constants in the Currents of Change
    2. Innovating for the Great Transformation 21: How to Preprogram Success
    3. Mastering Even the Unknown: The PIMS Start-up Strategy
    4. Implementing Start-up Strategies: Basic Rules for Effective Innovation
Part VI: Revolutionizing Management Methods—Strategic Approaches Without Time or Space Limits
    1. Direttissima: The Straightest Path to the Right Strategy
    2. Revolutionizing Change With SuperSyntegration
    3. The Cybertools of SuperSyntegration
    4. How Even Giants Learn to Dance: HyperSyntegration

Concept and Logic of the Series “Management: Mastering Complexity”
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