Selected Papers on Indo-European Linguistics

With a Section on Comparative Eskimo Linguistics - two volumes

Jens Elmegård Rasmussen

Selected Papers on Indo-European Linguistics
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Jens Elmegård Rasmussen

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

720 pages | 2 volumes | 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 | © 1999
Cloth $78.00 ISBN: 9788772895291 Published July 1999 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
In this collection of essays, a variety of Indo-European subjects are addressed, with a special emphasis given to the reconstruction and analysis of the Indo-European protolanguage, the tracing of morphological categories, the Balto-Slavic accents, the problems presented by the Indo-European "laryngeals", and the etymology of individual words from all branches of Indo-European. There is a separate section on comparative Eskimo.

Zur Morphophonemik des Urindogermanischen. Die Erklärung qualitativer, quantitativer und akzentueller Alternationen durch vorurindogermanische Lautgesetze (1978)
Determining proto-phonetics by circumstantial evidence: the case of the Indo-European laryngeals (1983)
Two phonological issues in Germanic (1983)
Miscellaneous morphological problems in Indo-European languages I-II (1985)
Miscellaneous morphological problems in Indo-European languages III (1984)
A new rule of Indo-European accent: Greek τ?ρμος / κορμ?ς; Germanic *waiþo / *skando (1986)
On Hirt’s Law and laryngeal vocalization (1986)
Stray Indo-European notes (1986)
The Indo-European origin of the Balto-Slavic -e- and  -a- preterite (1986)
On the status of the aspirated tenues and the Indo-European phonation series (1987)
The make-up of Indo-European morphology (1987)
The constituent elements of the Indo-European personal pronouns (1987)
Die thrakischen Inschriften—Beiträge zu einer neuen Deutung (1987)
Lateinisch similis, griechisch ?μαλ?ς, altirisch samail und die Wurzel von lat. alo (1987)
Miscellaneous morphological problems in Indo-European languages IV (1987)
Indo-European ablaut -i- ~  -e-/-o- (1988)
New evidence for infixal -o- in Indo-European: Ablaut re-/or- (1988)
The ablaut resisentcy of the”thematic vowel”: A Balto-Fennic parallel (1988)
On some Slavic Words in –c? : k from laryngeal? (1988)
The Indo-European background of the Slavic nasal-infix presents (1988)
Zur Herkunft des slavischen Imperfekts (1988)
On the North Germanic treatment of -eww- (1989)
Germanic Verschärfung: Tying up loose ends (1990)
Some additional examples of PIE *-eh2 and *-h2e (1990/91)
Italic and Centic /a/ as a zero-grade substitute: An amendment to Kurylowicz (1990/91)
Studies in the morphophonemics of the Indo-European protolanguage: A summary (1990/91)
ih, uh and ?h in Indo-European: A phonetic interpretation (1990/91)
Trubetzkoy’s thoughts on Indo-European: A myth come into fashion (1991)
Die Vorgeschichte der baltoslavischen Akzentuierung—Beiträge zu einer vereinfachten Lösung (1992)
Notes on Indo-European aspiration (1992)
“Woman” in Indo-European, Celtic and Germanic: One paradigm or two? (1992)
Alternation running wild: The case of the British Celtic subjunctive (1992)
Initial h3 in Anatolian: A vote for chaos (1992)
Winter’s Law of Balto-Slavic lengthening—an unnatural fact? (1992)
Contributions to the understanding of Lithuanian metatony (1992)
Miscellaneous morphological problems in Indo-European languages V (1992)
The Indo-European amphikinetic paradigm type (1996)
Szemerény's theory of Indo-European i- and u-stems (1996)
The origin of the Latin imperfect subjunctive (1996)
The origin of the Latin gerund and gerundive (1996)
On the origin of the Germanic weak preterite (1996)
The accentuation of the Slavic nasal presents (1996)
Miscellaneous problems in Indo-European languages VI (1996)
Some Armeniam etymological intricacies
Weitere Quellen von idg. /s/?
Idg. Genitiv *-os, Ablativ *-es
IE *-tro- for expected *-tlo-
Lit. pirkti und das griechische ?-Perfekt
Miscellaneous problems in Indo-European languages VII

Special Section: Papers on Comparative Eskimo Linguistics
Two notes on Eskimo diachrony (1984)
Zur Typologie der Eskimosprachen (1987)
Eskimo germination and Sirenik vowel reduction (1994)
Further rules of Sirenik vowel gradation (1996)
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