The Spirit of Vitalism

Health, Beauty and Strength in Danish Art, 1890-1940

Edited by Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen and Gertrud Oelsner

The Spirit of Vitalism
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Edited by Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen and Gertrud Oelsner

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

460 pages | © 2011
Cloth $86.00 ISBN: 9788763531344 Published January 2011 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
This anthology outlines a strong vitalistic movement in Denmark with considerably broader dimensions than has previously been recognised. The contributions examine a number of art-historical perspectives ranging from sports and dance motifs, the cultivation of the healthy and athletic body to the vibrant landscapes framing ideal outdoor life for men, women and children. Vitalism?'s prismatic nature is traced across a wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, music, dance, literature and architecture. Additionally, the volume highlights the prevalence of the interest in health, beauty and strength in the culture of everyday life during the period 1890-1940. Although the Vitalistic themes emanated from modern life, they also drew artistic sustenance from Nordic mythology and Greek antiquity, which served as the most important ideals in the modern pursuit of both physical and spiritual beauty.
      Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen and Gertrud Oelsner

The Triumph of Life
      Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen and Gertrud Oelsner
Wide-Ranging Vitalism
      Sven Halse
Hellas under Northern Skies
      Gertrud Hvidberg-Hansen
Vitalist Sport
      Hans Bonde
Framing the Life-Rhythm
      Anders V. Munch
Rudolph Tegner and the Life-Force
      Luise Gomard
Decadent Barbarism
      Henrik Wivel
Healthy Nature
      Gertrud Oelsner
The Advent of the Natural Woman
      Lise Præstgaard Andersen
Sexuality, Aesthetics and the Vital Male Body
      Lill-Ann Körber
Faaborg Museum and the Funen Vitalists
      Susanne Thestrup Truelsen
Vital Willumsen
      Anne Gregersen
Dancing Life Itself
      Ole Nørlyng
"Music Is Life". Carl Nielsen's Vitalist Musical Philosophy
      Anders Ehlers Dam
Niels Hansen Jacobsen. Body Images
      Teresa Nielsen
    I. Arcadia
    II. Mythology and the Life Struggle
    III. Sport and Health
    IV. Forces of Nature
    V. Everyday Life

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