The Republican Alternative

The Netherlands and Switzerland Compared

Edited by André Holenstein, Thomas Maissen, and Maarten Prak

The Republican Alternative
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Edited by André Holenstein, Thomas Maissen, and Maarten Prak

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

360 pages | 6-3/10 x 9-1/2 | © 2008
Paper $54.95 ISBN: 9789089640055 Published February 2009 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

The Republican Alternative seeks to move beyond the mere notion of scholarly inquiry into the republic—the subject of recent rediscovery by political historians interested in Europe’s intellectual heritage—by investigating the practical similarities and differences between two early modern republics, as well as their self-images and interactions during the turbulent seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Among the world’s most economically successful societies, Switzerland and the Netherlands laid much of the foundation for their prosperity during the early modern period discussed here. This volume attempts to clarify the special character of these two countries as they developed, including issues of religious plurality, the republican form of government, and an increasingly commercially-driven agrarian society.

Introduction: The Dutch and Swiss Republics Compared
Andreé Holenstein, Thomas Maissen, and Maarten Prak
Part I  Republican Structures
1.   'The League of the Discordant Members' or How the Old Swiss Confederation Operated and How it Managed to Survive for so Long
      Andreas Würgler
2.   Challenges for the Republic: Coordination and Loyalty in the Dutch Republic
      Maarten Prak
Part II  Republican Religions
3.   Bridging the Gap: Confessionalisation in Switzerland
      Francisca Loetz
4.   Was the Dutch Republic a Calvinist Community? The State, the Confessions and Culture in the Early Modern Netherlands
       Willem Frijhoff
Part III  Republican Ideas
5.   Inventing the Sovereign Republic: Imperial Structures, French Challenges, Dutch Models and the Early Modern Swiss Confederation
      Thomas Maissen
6.   Turning Swiss? Discord in the Dutch Debates
      Martin van Gelderen
7.   The Content, Form and Function of Swiss and Dutch Images of History
      Olaf Mörke
Part IV  Republican Art
8.   Republican Art? Dutch and Swiss Art and Art-Production Compared
      Michael North
9.   The Dassier Workshop in Geneva and the Netherlands: Two Calvinist Republics Expressed in Medallic Form, 1695-1748
       William Eisler
Part V  Republican Economies
10.  Exporting Mercenaries, Money and Mennonites: A Swiss Diplomatic Mission to The Hague, 1710-1715
       Stefan Altorfer-Ong
11.  Republican Risks: Commerce and Agriculture in the Dutch Republic
       Ida Nijenhuis
12.  Republican Futures: The Image of Holland in 18th-Century Swiss Reform Discourse
       Béla Kapossy
Part VI  Improving the Republic
13.  Radical Elements and Attempted Revolutions in the Late-18th-Century Republics
       Marc Lerner
14.  Debating the Republic: A Conference Report
       Daniel Schläppi
Bibliography of Pre-Modern Swiss-Dutch Relations
Simon Hari
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