Paper $19.95 ISBN: 9781589661066 Published June 2005

Palpable Clock

25 Years of Mulberry Poets

Edited by Gerard Grealish, Karen Blomain, Nancy K. Deisroth, and David Elliott

Palpable Clock
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Edited by Gerard Grealish, Karen Blomain, Nancy K. Deisroth, and David Elliott

Distributed for University of Scranton Press

170 pages | 6 x 9
Paper $19.95 ISBN: 9781589661066 Published June 2005
Margaret Almon
The Suit of Women
On Renoir's Sleeping Girl with a Cat
Juan Amador
It Is Better in the Train Station
Richard Aston
Using the Tools of My Ancestors
Elizabeth Balise
Two College Students
Karen Blomain
Recorded History
Thomas Kielty Blomain
The Wrecking Ball Visits Lackawanna Avenue
Asterisk (* Apologia ad Infinitum)
An Old Woman's Ears in Temple
Victoria Torres Cays
Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day)
Nancy W. Comstock
Michael Czarnecki
Ten Minutes of a Day
Craig Czury
To My Readers
Poor Death
Nancy K. Deisroth
Chauncey's Roses
Michael Downend
The Father Box
Instructions for an Eclipse of the Sun
Eliot's Shadow
Michael Edmunds
Straight Ahead
David Eliott
The Time Is Right
So Much Life
After the Party
All Night Haiku
Lynn Emanuel
Big Black Car
Blonde Bombshell
Domestic Violence
Ray Emanuel
[Since you left]
Sherry Fairchok
The Johnstown Flood
Sascha Feinstein
Song for My Father
Paul A. Ferraro
In His Garden
Paual Gannon
Common Prayer
Gerard Grealish
The Glass Eye
The Falcon Club
The Hug
JoAnne Growney
Sharp Angles of Light
Call Me Ramona
Suzanne Harper
Michael Heller
One Day, What You Said to Yourself
Stanzas Without Ozymandias
Vocational Training
William Heyen
Spring Poem Roethke Saginaw 2002
Jennifer Hil-Kaucher
The Modernization of Jennifer
Surface Tension
Manual Alphabet
Barbara Hoffman
Lot 43
My Red-Winged Blackbird
Jane Julius Honchell
False Spring
Jesse Stormont Hunter
Lightstream Passage
Susan R. Ide
Our Ancestral Gatherer Sends Endorphins
Cutting Edge
Susan Luckstone Jaffer
To My Own
Kerry Shawn Keys
Empirical Atlantic Countdown
Thomas Lux
The Swimming Pool
Wife Hits Moose
Rick Madigan
Coleman Hawkins
Blue in Green
Maggie Martin
Old Women's Shoes
Irina Mashinskaya
So I Stood By and Watched
John E. McGuigan
Late Light Edge of Women
Bernie McGurl
D. Brett McHale
Penance for Acts Yet Uncommitted
Loretta A. Mestishen
The Night I Killed Robert Bly
Robert Morgan
Nail Bag
Moving the Bees
Elmer's Seat
Toby Olson
Carolyn W. Page
By the Glenwood
Anthony Petrosky
All of This (sections 2 and 4)
Marilyn Bogusch Pryle
Birth at the Orphanage of the ARtisanado de Nazareth, Mexico City
A Blind Man Tours the Musee Rodin
Jennifer Purvis
Rain Writing
Falling Stone
Brian Quinn
Bass Notes
Blood Rites
Charlotte Ravaioli
David Ray
In the San Diego Airport
Len Roberts
The Moment
The List of Most Difficult Words
Ann LaBar Russek
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny
Jan Selving
Rondo Semian
Templo de Mars Tulum
Annete Basalyga Sloan
How Love Lasts
Gilbert Sorrentino
Brent Spencer
Boy Raised by Wolves
Fishermen at Mori Point
Michael Steffen
"Fish or Cut Bait"
If We Were Trees
Lamont B. Steptoe
Gumbo, Goodoo, Blues and Woe
Sherry S. Strain
Mervyn Taylor
Going Home
A Betting Man
Scott E. Thomas
Two Photographs of Mike Rieder
(The Watch Repairman)
Dictionary in the Rain
"Frank Tate 1935"
Madeline Tiger
J.C. Todd
Far Afield
Unless Blue
Dennis Toomey
Infatuation II
Dan Waber
Second Night at Alta
Roy Zarucchi
Harry's Poem
Claudia Zehner
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