Paper $25.00 ISBN: 9780945323105 Published February 2007

Pathways to Unknown Worlds

Sun Ra, El Saturn and Chicago's Afro-Futurist Underground, 1954-68

Edited by Anthony Elms, John Corbett, and Terri Kapsalis

Pathways to Unknown Worlds
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Edited by Anthony Elms, John Corbett, and Terri Kapsalis

Distributed for WhiteWalls

128 pages | 100 color plates | 6-1/2 x 9-1/2
Paper $25.00 ISBN: 9780945323105 Published February 2007
Philosopher, Afro-futurist, and jazz legend Sun Ra (1914–93) constructed much of his complicated public persona during his sojourn in Chicago in the mid-1950s. Working with a still-shadowy underground fraternal organization, Ra amassed a library of books on the occult, Egyptology, race studies, Theosophy, and religion—all in service of drawing elliptical connections between these disparate bodies of knowledge. This work became the foundation of the personal mythology Ra employed in the 1960s when he began fronting his Myth-Science Arkestra and started drawing attention from more mainstream jazz fans.
Pathways to Unknown Worlds presents a kaleidoscopic range of materials from those years, including original record cover designs and production materials, paper ephemera, and photographs. These materials—most previously unseen—dramatically flesh out the story of Sun Ra’s mystical journey of discovery and his lofty goals for the dissemination of his new knowledge; they are certain to fascinate and delight Ra’s legion of fans.
Preston Park Cooper | African American Review
"[This collection] is engaging and absorbing, and rewards the curiosity of those interested in the man, his group, and his additions to and influence on the culture. Considering the importance of the man and the revolutionary, highly ahead-of-his-time nature of his ideas, those not already aware of Sun Ra's story have good reason to use this book to begin learning about him. . . . A gentle introduction to, and celebration of, the life, philosophy, and creativity of Sun Ra and El Saturn."
sun ra in chicago: street priest and father of d.i.y. jazz
                                                         by john corbett
                                          greatest hits (1954-1986)
                                                            by glenn ligon
                     the sun ra treasure: a distant inside view
                                                     by adam abraham
                       notes from the oscillating dream space
                                                    by camille norment
                                            album covers & artwork
                                                     notes & ephemera
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