Paper $29.95 ISBN: 9789089642912 Published May 2013 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art

Challenges and Perspectives

Edited by Julia Noordegraaf, Cosetta Saba, Barbara Le Maitre, and Vinzenz Hediger

Edited by Julia Noordegraaf, Cosetta Saba, Barbara Le Maitre, and Vinzenz Hediger

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

428 pages | illustrated throughout | 6 x 9 | © 2013
Paper $29.95 ISBN: 9789089642912 Published May 2013 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
This vibrantly illustrated introduction to the emerging field of the preservation and presentation of media art brings together the contributions of authors from all over Europe and the United States. This volume can serve as a textbook for students in advanced degree programs in media art and museum studies, as well as an invaluable introduction for general readers. A potent combination of incisive scholarly articles and focused case studies, Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art offers a comprehensive overview of the history, theory, and practical skills of preserving media art.

      Julia Noordegraaf
Part I: History, Archaeology, Aesthetics, Archive: Theoretical Paths
      Vinzenz Hediger
1. Between Art History and Media History: A Brief Introduction to Media Art
      Chris Wahl
2. Media Archaeology: Where Film History, Media Art, and New Media (Can) Meet
      Wanda Strauven
3. Media Aesthetics
      Dario Marchiori
4. Media Art and the Digital Archive
      Cosetta G. Saba
Part II: Analysis, Documentation, Archiving
      Julia Noordegraaf
5. The Analysis of the Artwork
      Dario Marchiori
6. Methodologies of Multimedial Documentation and Archiving
    6.1 Enjoying the Gap: Comparing Contemporary Documentation Strategies
      Annet Dekker
    6.2 Case Study: No Ghost Just a Shell by Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parreno, and Many Others
      Vivian van Saaze
    6.3 The Artist’s Interviews as a Tool for Documenting and Recreating a Complex Installation: The Example of Mbude, an Audio-Installation by Roberto Cuoghi in the Museo Del Novecento, Milan
      Iolanda Ratti
    6.4 MAXXI Pilot Tests Regarding the Documentation of Installation Art
      Alessandra Barbuto and Laura Barreca
Part III: Technological Platforms, Preservation, and Restoration
      Cosetta G. Saba
7. Technological Platforms
      Simone Venturini
    7.1 The History and Technological Characteristics of Cinematographic Production and Reception Devices
      Simone Venturini and Mirco Santi
    7.2 The History and Technological Characteristics of Video Production and Reception Devices
      Alessandro Bordina
    7.3 Computers and Digital Reception Devices: History and Technological Characteristics
      Tabea Lurk and Jürgen Enge
    7.4 Obsolete Equipment: Ethics and Practices of Media Art Conservation
      Gaby Wijers
8. Theories, Techniques, Decision-making Models: The European Context
    8.1 Operational Practices for a Film and Video Preservation and Restoration Protocol
      Alessandro Bordina and Simone Venturini
    8.2 Operational Practices for a Digital Preservation and Restoration Protocol
      Jürgen Enge and Tabea Lurk
    8.3 Case Study: The Conservation of Media Art at Tate: An Interview with Pip Laurenson (Head of Time-based Media Conservation at Tate)
      Julia Noordegraaf
Part IV: Access, Reuse, and Exhibition
      Barbara Le Maître
9. Exhibition Strategies
      Barbara Le Maître and Senta Siewert
    9.1 From Cinema to the Museum: A State of Affairs
        9.1.1. A “Cinema Effect” in Contemporary Art
          Philippe Dubois
    9.2 Exhibiting Images in Movement
        9.2.1 Exhibiting/Editing: Dominique Païni and Programming at the Cinémathèque française at the Turn of the Centenary
          Stéphanie-Emmanuelle Louis
        9.2.2. The Expanded Archive: The MindFrames exhibition
          Claudia D’Alonzo
        9.2.3 Exhibiting Film and Reinventing the Painting
          Barbara Le Maître
    9.3 The Image Traveling across Territories: Cinema, Video, TV, Museum, the Web, and beyond
        9.3.1 On Passages Between Art and Cinema
          Ariane Noël de Tilly
        9.3.2 Across the Territories: Exhibiting Music Video
          Senta Siewert
        9.3.3 Developing, Presenting, and Documenting Unstable Media at V2_
          Arie Altena
    9.4 New Dispositifs, New Modes of Reception
        9.4.1 Video Installations as Experiences in Montage
          Térésa Faucon
        9.4.2 From the Film to the Map: Patrick Keiller and The City of the Future
          Teresa Castro
        9.4.3 Site-specific Exhibition and Reexhibition Strategies: Max Neuhaus’s Times Square
          Elena Biserna
        9.4.4 From Archival Model to Exhibition Platform? Video Art As a Web Resource and the imai Online Catalogue
          Renate Buschmann
10. On Curating New Media Art
      Sarah Cook
          Julia Noordegraaf and Ariane Noël de Tilly

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