North Korea

State of Paranoia

Paul French

North Korea

Paul French

Distributed for Zed Books

480 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5
Cloth $125.95 ISBN: 9781780329482 Published May 2014 For sale in North and South America only
Foreword: The Myth and the Reality of the State of Paranoia

Introduction: the paranoid peninsula

Part I - The Juche nation: beloved leaders, brilliant thoughts, power cuts and empty shelves
1. A normal day in Pyongyang
2. The Juche state: political theory in North Korea
3. The revolutionary dynasty: leadership in North Korea

Part II - The economics of North Korea: Chollima, speed battles, collapse and famine
4. Economics Pyongyang style: command and control
5. The worst of times: food, famine and the arduous march
6. The start of a sort of reform: change and regime survival
7. The reality of reform: a case study of Sinuiju

Part III - Diplomacy and military: foreign relations, nuclear crisis and self-defence
8. Don't poke the snake: US-DPRK relations
9. Nuclear ambitions revealed: bluster, brinkmanship or battle?
10. 'Military First' emerges

Part IV - Change, collapse and reunification
11. One Korea: the dream of reunification
12. Kim3: the dynasty continues
13. How will the story end?

Conclusion: still the world's most dangerous tripwire
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