Paper $49.50 ISBN: 9789053567678 Published May 2007 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Mystifying the Monarch

Studies on Discourse, Power, and History

Edited by Jeroen Deploige and Gita Deneckere

Mystifying the Monarch
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Edited by Jeroen Deploige and Gita Deneckere

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

296 pages | 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 | © 2006
Paper $49.50 ISBN: 9789053567678 Published May 2007 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

The power of monarchs has traditionally been as much symbolic as actual, rooted in popular imagery of sovereignty, divinity, and authority. In Mystifying the Monarch, a distinguished group of contributors explores the changing nature of that imagery—and its political and social effects—in Europe from the Middle Ages to the present day. They demonstrate that, rather than a linear progression where perceptions of rulers moved inexorably from the sacred to the banal, in reality the history of monarchy has been one of constant tension between mystification and demystification.

Introduction - The Monarchy: A Crossroads of Trajectories
Jeroen Deploige and Gita Deneckere
Monarchy's Medieval Monologism?
1. How Christian Was the Sacralization of Monarchy in Western Europe
    (Twelfth-Fifteenth Centuries)?
     Alain Boureau
2. Political assassination and Sanctification. Transforming the Discursive Customs
    after the Murder of the Flemish Count Charles the Good (1127)
    Jeroen Deploige
3. 'Et le prince respondit de par sa bouche.' Monarchal Speech Habits in Late
    Medieval Europe
    Elodie Lecuppre-Desjardin
4. Ideal Kingship against Oppressive Monarchy. Discourses and Practices of
    Royal Imposture at the Close of the Middle Ages
    Gilles Lecuppre
Monarchy and the Emergence of the Public Sphere
5. The Art of Saying 'No'. Premonitions of Foucault's 'Governmentality' in Étienne
    de La Boétie's Discours de la servitude volontaire
    Jürgen Pieters and Alexander Roose
6. Sacralization and Demystification. The Publicization of Monarchy in Early
    Modern England
    Kevin Sharpe
7. King for a Day. Games of Inversion, Representation, and Appropriation in
    Ancient Regime Europe
    Marc Jacobs
8. Fiction, Kingship, and the Politics of Character in Eighteenth-Century France
    Lisa Jane Graham
Popular Monarchy in the Age of Mass Media
9. Staging Modern Monarchs. Royalty at the World Exhibitions of 1851 and
    Maria Grever
10. The Emperor's New Clothes. The Reappearance of the Performing Monarchy
      in Europe, c. 1870-1914
      Jaap van Osta
11. Cannadine, Twenty Year on. Monarchy and Political Culture in Nineteenth-
      Century Britain and the Netherlands
      Henk te Velde
12. The Impossible Neutrality of the Speech from the Throne. A Ritual between
      National Unity and Political Dispute. Belgium, 1831-1918
     Gita Deneckere
13. Public Transcripts of Royalism. Pauper Letters to the Belgian Royal Family
      Maarten Van Ginderachter
Notes on Contributors
List of Illustrations
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