Manners for Millionaires

Brummell & Beau

Manners for Millionaires

Brummell & Beau

Distributed for British Library

56 pages | 10 halftones | 6 x 8 | © 2014
Cloth $12.00 ISBN: 9780712357241 Published May 2014 For sale in North and South America only
For most of us, the distinction between “old money” and “new money” doesn’t matter—we’re neither. But for some there is a very clear difference, with members of the former seeing those of the latter—or, the nouveau rich—to be tactless, lacking in taste, and following questionable cultural or social practices.
First published in 1901, Manners for Millionaires recalls a time in Great Britain when the difference between old and new money was very real—and very important. Anonymous authors Brummel and Beau, in a satirical take on the Victorian book of etiquette, offer tips for those readers aspiring to behave as the rich do. The authors set their jovial tone early in the book as they explain their intended audience: “Our readers as still belong to the Pauper, Practically Pauper and Comparatively Pauper strata of society—those, we mean, with less than £5000 a year and fewer than seventeen spare bedrooms—will naturally feel grateful for a few introductory directions towards ameliorating their condition.” Among the other words of advice offered are: “The British Museum could, after slight alteration, be recommended as a comfortable town Villa for the Season, but the stabling is indifferent.”; “The Completed Capitalist will appreciate the advisability of keeping a paternal eye upon the selection of the Lady-Housemaids and the Scullion-Wenches.”; and “We are unable to commend the modern ostentation of maintaining a separate private Executioner, however characteristic he might be as a hereditary relic.” There is also a chapter devoted specifically to American millionaires.
From the same anonymous pair that brought readers Deportment for Dukes and Tips for Toffs, also published by the British Library, this humorous guide will be the perfect gift for everyone’s favorite millionaire.

1. In the Paddock

(An Introduction)

2. Flushing the Covey

(A Sparkling Start.)

3. The Push Stroke

(Dives Demonstrative.)

4. Cross Country

(Croesus in Chrysalis.)

5. The Home Hole

(Croesus in Clover.)

6. Le Jeu Est Fait

(Midas Amused.)

7. The Check

(Munificent Midas.)

8. The America Cup

(Columbia Cocktailed.)

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