Mission Uruzgan

Collaborating in Multiple Coalitions for Afghanistan

Edited by Robert Beeres, Jan van der Meulen, Joseph Soeters, and Ad Vogelaar

Mission Uruzgan

Edited by Robert Beeres, Jan van der Meulen, Joseph Soeters, and Ad Vogelaar

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340 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2012
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Mission Uruzgan provides on-site testimony of the Dutch military mission in Uruzgan, Afghanistan from 2001 to the present day. Proffering fresh data and probing analyses, this extensive examination of a controversial deployment addresses a variety of crucial issues related to Dutch involvement in Afghanistan, from the politicking that led up to the utilization of military tactics to the rules of engagement on the ground. This collection brings together an assortment of learned scholars to deliver a wide range of insights into the problems faced by Dutch soldiers.

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1. Introduction: Among hosts, allies and opposing forces; the Dutch military in Uruzgan
      Jan van der Meulen, Robert Beeres, Joseph Soeters and Ad Vogelaar
Part I: Setting the Stage
2. Brussels calling: National politics under international pressure
      Jan van der Meulen and Mirjam Grandia Mantas
3. Legitimizing the use of force: Legal bases for operations Enduring Freedom and ISAF
      Paul Ducheine and Eric Pouw
4. Getting there and back: Organizing long-distance military logistics with customers in mind
      Ton van Kampen, Paul C. van Fenema and Tim Grant
Part II: Security
5. Controlling the use of force: Legal regimes
      Paul Ducheine and Eric Pouw
6. Military ethics and Afghanistan
      Peter Olsthoorn and Desirée Verweij
7. On your own in the desert: The dynamics and self-steering leadership
      Ad Vogelaar and Sander Dalenberg
8. Strain and stress: Role ambiguity in an unfriendly environment
      Tessa Op den Buijs, Wendy Broesder and Marten Meijer
9. The use of air power in Uruzgan
      Guus de Koster
10. Vipers or tigers? Early Dutch special forces operations in Uruzgan
      Michiel de Weger
11. Planning dilemmas in coalition operations
      Ton de Munnik and Martijn Kitzen
12. Trust thy ally: Multinational military cooperation in Uruzgan
      Joseph Soeters, Tom Bijlsma and Gijs van den Heuvel
Part III: Reconstruction
13. Reconstruction through construction
      Julia Wijnmalen, Jasper Kremers and Edwin Dado
14. Talking to strangers, learning to listen
      René Moelker and Michelle Schut
15. Stimulating entrepreneurship in Uruzgan: IDEA-officers focusing on private sector development in post-conflict environments
      Eric-Hans Kramer, Rosa Nelly Trevinyo-Rodríguez and Desirée Verweij
16. Enhancing Uruzgani Governance: The viability of a PRT’s civil-military network
      Mirjam Grandia Mantas, Myriame Bollen and Sebastiaan Rietjens
17. Task Force Uruzgan and experimentation with organization design
      Eric-Hans Kramer, Erik De Waard and Miriam de Graaff
18. Military engagement in civilian healthcare in Uruzgan: An ethical perspective
      Myriame Bollen, Peter Olsthoorn, Sebastiaan Rietjens and Masood Khalil
Part IV: Evaluating
19. Dutch Treat? Burden sharing in Afghanistan
      Marion Bogers, Robert Beeres and Irene Lubberman-Schrotenboer
20. Taking stock: The social construction of effectiveness
      Sebastiaan Rietjens, Joseph Soeters, Jacqueline Heeren-Bogers and Christiaan Davids
21. It’s not over till it’s over: Sharing memories at the home front
      Manon Andrew and Natasja Rietveld
22. Books and bikes: Noises and voices of veterans
      Esmeralda Kleinreesink, René Moelker and Rudy Richardson
23. Epilogue: Looking back and moving on
      Joseph Soeters, Jan van der Meulen, Robert Beeres and Ad Vogelaar

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