The Making of the Humanities

Volume I: Early Modern Europe

Edited by Rens Bod, Jaap Maat, and Thijs Weststeijn

The Making of the Humanities

Edited by Rens Bod, Jaap Maat, and Thijs Weststeijn

Distributed for Amsterdam University Press

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The first in a series that will provide a comprehensive comparative history of the humanities, this book focuses on the early modern period in the development of this dynamic field. Specialists in philology, musicology, art history, linguistics, and literary theory examine the intertwining nature of these various disciplines, as well as their impact on the sciences. The contributors, including the renowned scholars Floris Cohen, David Cram, and Ingrid Rowland, reveal how the humanities developed from the “liberal arts” to modern disciplines via the curriculum of humanistic schools. They go on to show how discoveries in the humanities contributed to a secular world view. This volume offers a wealth of insights for specialists and students alike.


Introduction: Historiography of the Humanities
      Rens Bod

I. The Humanities versus the Sciences
How Comparative Should a Comparative History of the Humanities Be? The Case of the Dutch Spinoza Circle
      Michiel Leezenberg
Bridging the Gap. A Different View of Renaissance Humanism and Science
      Cynthia M. Pyle
Music as Science and as Art. The Sixteenth/Seventeenth-Century Destruction of Cosmic Harmony
      H. Floris Cohen
II. The Visual Arts as Liberal Arts
Representing the World
      Ingrid Rowland
Ficino, Diacceto and Michelangelo’s Presentation Drawings
      Marieke van den Doel
‘Signs that Signify by Themselves’. Writing with Images in the Seventeenth Century
      Thijs Weststeijn
III. Humanism and Heresy
Giordano Bruno and Metaphor
      Hilary Gatti
‘In Erudition There Is No Heresy’. The Humanities in Baroque Rome
       Bernward Schmidt
IV. Language and Poetics
Humanism in the Classroom, a Reassessment
      Juliette A. Groenland
Origins and Principles. The History of Poetry in Early Modern Literary Criticism
      Cesc Esteve
Transitional Texts and Emerging Linguistic Self-Awareness. Literary Study in the Late Eighteenth Century
      P. M. Mehtonen
V. Linguists and Logicians
The Changing Relations between Grammar, Rhetoric and Music in the Early Modern Period
      David Cram
The Artes Sermocinales in Times of Adversity. How Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric Survived the Seventeenth Century
      Jaap Maat
VI. Philology and Philosophy
Manuscript Hunting and the Challenge of Textual Variance in Late Seventeenth-Century Icelandic Studies
      Már Jónsson
Spinoza in the History of Biblical Scholarship
      Piet Steenbakkers
The ‘Rules of Critique’. Richard Simon and Antoine Arnauld
      Martine Pécharman
VII. The History of History
Framing a New Mode of Historical Experience. The Renaissance Historiography of Machiavelli and Guicciardini
      Jacque Bos
Philosophy’s Shadow. Jacob Brucker and the History of Thought
      Wouter J. Hanegraaff

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