Cloth $15.00 ISBN: 9780940866683 Published April 2005
Paper $10.00 ISBN: 9780940866690 Published April 2005

Living in Two Cities

Augustinian Trajectories in Political Thought

Eugene TeSelle

Living in Two Cities
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Eugene TeSelle

Distributed for University of Scranton Press

230 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1998
Cloth $15.00 ISBN: 9780940866683 Published April 2005
Paper $10.00 ISBN: 9780940866690 Published April 2005
TeSelle examines the theme of St. Augustine's "two cities" against the background of the ancient world's civic vision, with the polis as the chief model for political life. Against most interpreters' assumptions, TeSelle shows that the sojourner, while not fully at home in the earthly city, is nowhere understood as an "alien" and thus has certain rights and responsibilities in the earthly city.
Chapter 1: Augustine's Political Journey
1. Upward Mobility
2. The Lure of Contemplation
3. Reentering the Active Live
4. The Writing of The City of God
Chapter 2: The Civic Vision in Its Ancient Setting
1. The City as a Living Community
2. The Ideal and the Reality of the Polis
3. The Birth of Empire
4. The City of God
5. Relating the Two Cities
Chapter 3: The Sojourner: Neiether a Citizen nor an Alien
1. The Peregrinus in the Ancient City
2. Augustine's Understanding of Peregrinatio
3. The Way of the Traveler
4. Rituals of Liminality
Chapter 4: Toward an Augustinian Politics
1. Justice or Love?
2. The Viability of the Christian Ethic
3. The Social World of a Captive Humanity
4. Liberalism versus Communitarianism Today
Chapter 5: The Analogy of Peace
1. Why Peace?
2. Domestic Peace in the Ancient World
3. Conflict and Peace
Chapter 6: Looking for a Civic Bond
1. The Ordering Process
2. Political Community
3. Politics as Distribution
Chapter 7: Purposive Action and Human Fulfillment
1. The Quest for Human Fulfillment
2. The Limits of Politics
3. The Context of Purposive Action
Index of Modern Authors
Topical Index
Scriptural Citations Index
Index of Passages Cited: Scripture, Ancient and Medieval Writers, Augustine's works
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