Paper $34.95 ISBN: 9781933253701 Published February 2013

A Life in Museums

Managing Your Museum Career

Edited by Greg Stevens and Wendy Luke

A Life in Museums

Edited by Greg Stevens and Wendy Luke

Distributed for American Alliance of Museums Press

210 pages | 7 x 10 | © 2012
Paper $34.95 ISBN: 9781933253701 Published February 2013
From the experienced leader or the midcareer professional hoping for a promotion to a recent grad applying for a first internship, A Life in Museums provides every museum professional, both experts and novices, with information for reaching their career goals. Providing sound advice, practical tips, and illuminating personal stories, the editors have ensured that the book spans an array of museum disciplines, making it an extraordinarily versatile guide to the profession. Topics include personal branding and resumes, management and leadership at all levels, professional writing and keeping career journals, and navigating within your institution and knowing when it’s time to move on. A Life in Museums has a place on the shelf of any museum professional and in the hand of any recent graduate.


About This Book Wendy Luke and Greg Stevens

Acknowledgements Greg Stevens and Wendy Luke


Part 1: Getting Started

1              Why Museums Work?  Wendy Luke and Greg Stevens

                Career Path: Making My Way to Museum Work Greg Stevens

2              Types of Jobs in Museums N. Elizabeth Schlatter

                Practically Speaking: The Informational Interview Wendy Luke

3              Considering Grad School? Laura B. Roberts

                Career Path: Grad School Changed My Life Phyllis Hecht

4              Back to School: Museum Studies Programs During Tough Times James Yasko

                Career Path: Life Lessons, A Journey of Continuous Learning Kimberly H. McCray

5              Powering Up Your Personal Brand Greg Stevens

                Practically Speaking: Take Action! Greg Stevens

                Career Path: From Guard to Great Patrick McMahon

6              The Eight Networking Competencies Anne Bayber and Lynne Waymon

                Practically Speaking: Networking and Relationships Greg Stevens

7              Polishing your Resumé Nik Honeysett, Katherine McNamee and Greg Stevens

                Practically Speaking: Give your Resumé a Strong Start Wendy Luke

8              Do I Really Need a Cover Letter? (Yes, You Do) Wendy Luke

                Practically Speaking: Sample Job Posting and Cover Letter Wendy Luke

9              Applying for Federal Jobs (or the Smithsonian) Maggie Limehouse and Erika Mack-Dillaber

10           Working in a Small Museum Janice Klein

                Practically Speaking: Careers in College and University Museums Linda Downs and David Robertson                                       

11           Acting the Interview Katherine McNamee and Greg Stevens

                Practicum: STAR! Greg Stevens

                Practically Speaking: Interviewing and Negotiating Nik Honeysett

12           Internships as Stepping Stones Sandra Abbott and Greg Stevens

                Practically Speaking: Turning your Internship Into a Job Michael Baldarrama       

13           Helping Hands: Volunteering in Museums Amy Rogers Nazarov with Greg Stevens

                Practically Speaking: Why Volunteer? Wendy Luke

                Career Path: Amy in Wonderland Amy Duke


Part 2: On The Job

14           From Student to Staff Member Lin Nelson-Mayson

                Practically Speaking: Museum Professionals Continuum Chart Wendy Blackwell and Wendy Luke

15           The Value of 21st-Century Skills Marsha L. Semmel

                Practically Speaking: Top Ten Job Skills Katherine McNamee and Greg Stevens

16           We Can’t Keep Our Mouths Shut Colleen Dilenschneider

                Practically Speaking: Generations at Work Wendy Luke

17           Writing Professionally, the Forgotten Skill Carol Bossert

18           Using a Career Journal to Document Achievement Elizabeth L. Maurer

                Practically Speaking: Year-Round Performance Management Wendy Luke

19           Communicating With Your Boss Gary Ford

                Practically Speaking: Levels of Initiative Gary Ford

20           Career Development as an Aspiring Museum Professional Joseph Gonzales and Nicole Krom

                Career Path: Transferrable Skills Wendy C. Blackwell


Part 3: Managing and Leading

21           Managing from the Middle Sheteel Prajapati

                Practically Speaking: Checklist for Becoming a Better Manager Sheteel Prajapati

22           Leadership at All Levels Elizabeth Peña

23           Working on a Managing Team Gary Ford and Greg Stevens

                Practicum: Spider Chart Activity Gary Ford

                Practically Speaking: Working on Project Teams Myriam Springuel

24           So You Want to Be a Director Someday? Diane Frankel and Linda Sweet

                Career Path: Educator-Turned-Director Nathan Richie


Part 4: Career Changes

25           Navigating Within Your Institution Nik Honeysett

                Practically Speaking: Intent vs. Perception on the Job Wendy Luke and Greg Stevens

26           Should I Stay or Should I Go? Claudia Ocello

                Practically Speaking: The Kaizen Way to Performance Improvement Wendy Luke

27           So You (Think You) Want to Be a Consultant? Mary Case

28           Rebounding after Losing Your Job Claudia Ocello

29           Mentoring Matters Amanda Kodek and Wendy Luke

                Practically Speaking: Open-Sourcing Your Mentorship Cecilia Wichmann

30           Strategizing Me: Making a Personnel Career Plan Anne Ackerson

                Practically Speaking: Painted Picture Wendy Luke





Review Quotes
Carol B. Stapp, director of the Museum Education Program, The George Washington
“A Life in Museums is destined to become the reference work of choice for museum professionals, from prospective to seasoned practitioners. This compendium of good counsel emphasizes how to recognize opportunities and handle challenges—an inspiring resource for firing up the initiative to take charge of your museum career.”
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