Internal Difference

Studies in Welsh Writing in English

M. Wynn Thomas

Internal Difference
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M. Wynn Thomas

Distributed for University of Wales Press

196 pages | 8-2/5 x 5-2/5
Cloth $25.00 ISBN: 9780708311523 Published July 1992 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only
New Welsh Review

“The significance of Wynn Thomas's Internal Difference lies in the fact that it is the first critical study of primarily English-language Welsh texts to rely centrally on the values of Welsh-language culture . . . He has thus changed the way we look at these subjects, at once shifting the centre of Welsh/English studies from the south to the north, from the stasis of the aesthetic movement to a consideration of literature in its social context. Nothing is more revealing in this connection than his habit of dwelling only briefly on any one poem or novel, for all his careful reading of them, before moving on to a consideration of what these mean to Wales as a whole.” –New Welsh Review


“Yet once again he seems to have read every text and heard every argument, so that his account of these writers is informed, balanced and sparkling in its insights.” –Planet

Book News Wales

“Wynn Thomas has assembled an impressive body of critical work on the literature of Wales. He is one of very few critics active in Wales today equipped to take a multi-talent view of the current state of Welsh culture . . .” –Book News Wales

Tony Conran | Year's Work in English Studies

“This is the first book I know to offer a reasoned view of why Anglo-Welsh literature is distinct, how it reflects a situation different from and possibly more complex than that of England, and how it is diverging more and more from the Welsh-language culture with which it once ran in harness.” –Tony Conran, Year's Work in English Studies

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