Intermediate Russian Grammar

William Harrison and Stephen Le Fleming

Intermediate Russian Grammar

William Harrison and Stephen Le Fleming

Distributed for University of Wales Press

317 pages | 8-4/5 x 5-2/5
Cloth $15.00 ISBN: 9780708315774 Published January 2000 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only
The practical learner’s grammar is intended for those who wish to progress beyond the initial stages of learning Russian. Beginning with an easy-to-follow explanation of grammatical terms, it contains a comprehensive reference section on the declension and conjugation systems and provides explanatory chapters on grammatical categories. Examples are taken from popular sayings, classical literature and the contemporary press, enabling users to become familiar with different registers of Russian. There are exercises, a section on words and phrases which cause problems in translation, and a thorough index.
This valuable book by William Harrison and Stephen le Fleming is the fruit of many years of experience in teaching Russian. It offeres in-depth coverage of Russian grammar, lucidly and accessibly presented, and is relevant to a wide range of users.

Basic Grammatical Terminology

Rules of Spelling

1. Declension of the Noun

2. Declension of the Adjective

3. Short Adjectives

4. Comparative of the Adjective

5. Superlative of the Adjective

6. Adverbs

7. Pronouns

8. Conjugation of the Verb

9. Irregular Verbs

10. Aspect of the Verb

11. Verbs of Motion

12. Participles

13. Gerunds

14. The Subjunctive

15. Conditional Clauses

16. The Imperative

17. Verb Prefixes

18. The Verb “To be” and those of “Becoming”, “Appearing”, etc.

19. Verb Constructions

20. Negatives

21. Numerals

22. Measurement

23. Expressions of Time

24. Conjunctions

25. The Awkward Squad: Words known to Cause Difficulty

Review Quotes
Modern Language Review

“ . . . Intermediate Russian Grammar is an excellent book which will be of use to very many students and lecturers . . . The topics are explained succinctly and the numerous, well-labelled subsections make it easy to find one’s way around the different components.” –Modern Language Review

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