Cloth $82.50 ISBN: 9789053564066 Published May 2006 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Ingmar Bergman

A Reference Guide

Birgitta Steene

Ingmar Bergman

Birgitta Steene

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1,150 pages | 15 halftones | 6-3/4 x 9-1/4 | © 2005
Cloth $82.50 ISBN: 9789053564066 Published May 2006 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
The films of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman are renowned for their largely spare and stark aesthetic, an existential framework, and plots driven by a fascination with death and the moral torments of the human soul. Birgitta Steene offers here in Ingmar Bergman: A Reference Guide an essential and unparalleled resource on the life and work of Bergman. Plumbing the depths of these trademark Bergman themes, Steene traces as well the indelible mark he left on world cinema through his other cinematographic work and writings.

Over the decades, Bergman's stature and image have evolved in fascinating ways—an iconoclast of the 1950s, a bourgeois traditionalist of the 1960s, and an icon in the 1980s. This exhaustive compendium considers each phase of his career, exploring his deep and vast oeuvre in all its controversy and complexity, and analyzes his intriguing and unique motifs such as his efforts to expose dead conventions and his portrayals of Woman as the archetype of humanity. As well as providing a detailed account of Bergman's life and chronicling his career as a filmmaker and theater director, including his work for television, Steene offers transcripts of some of the numerous interviews and conversations she conducted with Bergman. Writings by and about Bergman and a detailed chronological survey of his film and theatrical work completes this eminently readable and thoroughly researched volume. A wide-ranging and groundbreaking work of film history, Ingmar Bergman is the definitive reference for scholars of the Scandinavian master.
Chapter I.  Life and Work
The Family Setting
Debut and Formative Years
Artistic Breakthrough at Home and Abroad
Religious Crisis
Discovery of Fårö
The Critical Sixties: The Artist Syndrome
Discovery of Television
Return to Sweden and Closure
Chapter II.  The Writer
Ingmar Bergman: Cinema d'auteur
The Young Playwright
The Writer of Prose Fiction
Post-filmmaking Prose
List of Bergman's Written Work
Chapter III.  The Filmmaker
Enter the Magician
Swedish Filmmaking during Bergman's Formative Years
Ingmar Bergman: Filmmaking Credo
Ingmar Bergman's Films: Grouping of a Lifelong Production
Chapter IV.  Filmography
Synopses, Credits, Commentaries and Reception Record
Foreign Titles of Ingmar Bergman Films
Ingmar Bergman as Film Producer
Chapter V.  Ingmar Bergman and the Media
Radio Productions
Television Works
Chapter VI.  Ingmar Bergman in the Theater
Part I. An Overview
Part II.  Stage Productions by Ingmar Bergman
Chapter VII.  Theatre and Media Bibliography, 1940-2004
Chart over Bergman's Theatre, Opera, TV and Radio Productions
Chapter VIII.  Interviews with Ingmar Bergman
Chapter IX.  Works on Ingmar Bergman
Chapter X.  Varia
Media Documentaries on Ingmar Bergman
Stage and Screen Performances by Ingmar Bergman
Awards and Tributes
Awards for individual Films
Archival Sources
Ingmar Bergman's Writings
Ingmar Bergman's Films
Ingmar Bergman's Radio Play Productions and TV Work
Ingmar Bergman's Theatre Productions
Subject Index
Subject Index Supplement: Literature on Bergman
Title Index
Name Index
Review Quotes
Lloyd Michaels, Allegheny College
"With her dual cultural background and access to Bergman material in his native language, Birgitta Steene is uniquely qualified to provide both an international and Swedish perspective on the critical reception to his extraordinary output. Her new book offers a comprehensive overview and annotated record of his prolific accomplishments. As Bergman's mighty career draws to a close, this reference guide will serve as the first source as well as the gold standard for a generation of future scholars."
Thomas Bredsdorff | Politiken
"Invaluable. . . . It could not have been done better."
Laura Kern | Film Comment
"This tremendous compendium . . . covers every facet of Bergman's life and 50-plus-year career so far, while providing both an ideal launch pad for newcomers and an enjoyable browse for even the most well-versed Bergmaniac. . . .  Many topics are methodically cross-referenced, making the ease of use and clarity of the book all the more impressive. . . . A valuable critical guide. . . . With the publication of this indispensable guide, exploring the Bergman oeuvre has never been so easy."

Theatre Library Association: Richard Wall Memorial Award (TLA Book Award)
Honorable Mention
awarded "Special Jury Prize"

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